Donadiska is a female journalist whom I’d met on 12th September 2009 in Imax (Hyderabad). She was from Italy. She was middle aged with a pale complexion, brown eyes, short wavy golden brown hair and had a wrinkled face. She said that she was touring all over the world and wrote about her encounters and experiences for a magazine, called Euroville or something like that. She had a strong Italian accent when she spoke and in her left eyelid she had some skin problem in its surface. India was one of the places that she was touring and in the beginning and in the end of her conversation she took pictures of me/friends. As I wished to continue the conversation my Dad to came to pick me up and I sadly had to go back. Still, she has inspired to become ‘more’ of a journalist when I am big. And at that time I’m sure, that I’d enjoy going around the world!


  1. Wow that's pretty cool huh?maybe you wouldn't get to know about it but your picture will figure in a magazine somewhere in Italy. :)

  2. @Sam: yeah i hope so.. i would really love it if my pic wer 2 come in a foreign magzine!


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