A Dazzling City

I fall back in time as I type about a buzzing, polluted yet a dazzling city looked upon at silence. It was the 5th of September and it was raining heavily, I was outside. I was buying something, but the rain had stopped me from going back home. So I was seeking for shelter and was drenched by the time I found one. The roof was also sheltering another person besides me, a Policeman. He was munching away something and didn’t even seem to be bothered when he was alerted about something in his walkie-talkie. Worthless, was all that I could think of. Bored, I glanced at the road, which was abuzz with cars. Slowly I shifted my glance to the wires that hung above the road from the poles. They were like connectors and were sending messages through a silver line in the rain and these I observed, were a lot for many wires hung loose. Amidst them all the raindrops clung on to them like the diamonds in a necklace. The light from the lampposts fusing with the droplets made a spectacular sight! The droplets hung just like the way, when the dewdrops condense and hang in a spider’s web on a foggy day. The web would look like a priceless necklace. And at that moment I realized that the magic of rainy nights make a buzzing city, a dazzling one when visualized in silence…

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  1. Nice thought this one :-) i was unable to find your chat box to reply to the message you gave in mine...yes i do write them...


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