Crystal Tears

An age-old fairy tale tells the story of a young woman, the good sorceress Aryuda. She felt rejected because her magic had only stirred up jealousy. Disappointed by the people and other magicians, she withdrew to a high mountaintop to be alone. Saddened by her experiences, she began to weep, whereupon her tears solidified into sparkling crystals. She wept until her body was completely covered by crystals, transforming her into a crystal statue.

The ability to weep crystal tears is not something that happens in fairy tales. It is one of those mysteries that science cannot explain. In March 1996, 12 yr old Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani, a student in Lebanon, was in school when she complained about something caught on her eye. A stabbing pain accompanied it as if something sharp was lodged there. And in fact, to the great surprise of her teacher, a small, sharp edged fragment of sparkling crystal emerged. To everyone’s amazement her eye remained to be uninjured. Witnesses went on to describe how, a few minutes later, another crystal tear fell from her eye.

Hasnah’s father took her to an eye specialist, who admitted her to a hospital for two weeks of observation. She produced crystal tears every day during this period, yet the doctors could not determine their source. The crystals had become so sharp-edged that they could shred paper or cut glass, but still, mysteriously, did not injure the girl’s eye.
Hasnah’s father brought his daughter to see another eye doctor, from the American University Hospital in Beirut, but he too was unable to explain the phenomenon.


After a few weeks of uncertainty and daily crystal tears, Hasnah told her family that nearly every evening someone was knocking at her window. When she looked up, she would see a knight dressed all in white, asking her to come outside. They began to talk. The white knight announced that she was to be a messenger of God on earth, with her crystal tears serving as proof. He had told her she should not be afraid, because everything comes to pass by God’s will. She asked when the crystal tears would stop, but received no answer. The divine messenger appeared many times, even once when Hasnah’s brother present; but he only saw and heard his sister, never the white figure.

This case remains to be unsolved to this day, and Hasnah continues to weep her mysterious tears.
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