Cleanin' Up!

Cleanin’ up is not like any song or any other stuff like that. Cleanin’ up is nothing but cleaning my junkyard – table+room! It was really a hectic job. First of, just before I could go to bed dad said, ‘C’mon it’s time for you to clean your table and your room’. I was really startled. The time was 10 in the night and when dad said that I was like is he-gone crazy or what! Is he expecting me to clean my table at this hour, which is worse than a garage! There was no pint arguing with him so I had to clean up my mess!
My table was mixed and tangled with wires, laptop, CDs, books, stationary and other junk. It was so much of a hard work! I first set aside all the books (school and story books separate), then slowly untangled all the wires and changed the cover of my table. Since my table is near a high roof window, the dust accumulates fast so the sheet was really dusty and it gave me ‘coughing fits’! then when I looked at my hands I was aghast! It was totally dusty and worse than any ‘germ spreader’! I quickly went and washed my hands. And when I looked at my table again, it was a little bit better than before, and my hand wasn’t dusty even a bit! :)

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  1. the mess never clears up for me, no matter how much i clean the mess comes back in two days .. lol... :-)


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