55 Word Fiction: The Sinner

‘Ready, Set, Go!’
‘BANG!’ Went off the pistol. And her playmates ran.
They ran fast, for the last one will be shot.
It was a game the princess played with
Her dolls, her people…
She loved killing. She loved the gun.
The last person lagging behind was an infirm.
‘BANG!’ she shot her father, ruthlessly…

Killing isn’t something new in today’s world. It’s something very common just like sleeping and eating and it doesn’t make any difference at all in the society. It creates nothing but hatred and fear. Some news channels agree with the fact that fighting and violence leads to revolution. But all I know is that, this violence will cause nothing but bloodshed and a horrible past for the future…


  1. killing is cruel...a beautiful life in this world which took months to create is lost in a flash...Hopes and dreams are shattered.

  2. Hey Schrei you write well.But there's something I'd like to tell you about 55 fiction which is....there's always a surprise element in it at the very end.Without it a 55 fiction is not a proper one. :)
    This one you wrote almost fulfills that criteria but try a li'l harder next time k? :)
    Take care!

  3. @Rahjith:yea... even india bcame free after bloodshed n even king ashoka bcame a buddhist after the kalinga war...(am i right abt the history?)
    @Sam: Sure i'll work on it! ^_^


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