10 things on my Wish List!

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Well just like any other normal girl, this is my wish list! :)

  • I wish I could get up late in the mornings so that I won’t be there when mom/dad are at home since they wish to give me meter long chores on holidays!
  • Have a breakfast of my own choice-eggs and bread rather than Idly or any other food with Dosa as an exception.
  • Erase DAL from existence as mom always gives that for lunch and it tastes truly horrible!->I’ve been having that like for…6 yrs! So I know the experience my tongue went through!
  • Wish to carry laptops or student pad instead of books, textbooks, pens etc to school!
  • Wish that my eyesight would reduce soon so that I wouldn’t have to wear specs or even get tortured by my mom to wear lenses when I don’t want to wear them!
  • Wish my hair would remain short forever rather than having to grow it and would also be happy if my mom wouldn’t be complaining about growing and breaking promises of having it cut!
  • Wish I had the Animax Mobile.
  • Wish I could go on listening to the latest music releases and had the latest movies and music releases CDs at my doorstep!
  • Wish I could go to the Indus Valley Civilization and decipher the language of the Indus before anyone can!
  • I wish I had unlimited net and download speed; had my own laptop and would be allowed to sit in it for hours and study and score good marks at the same time.
Wish 10 wishes and you will get an extra wish! :P
  • I wish I had THE most amazing blog ever with the most amazing template!
Well, this is just a fraction of what's on my wish list. I mean after all everyone has endless desires and needs. When they get/have one, they’ll even want more! And I agree with that! So there’s never a full stop to anyone’s wish list and they’re always persistent to go and get their wishes granted!


  1. Nice one, and you already have the most beautiful template, so you are half way there....

  2. @Quintessence: Thank you! ^_^
    @Ranjith: Thank you too! ^_^


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