The Real Inner Me

This was a post suggested by Sourav after I was searching and thinking of what post to make.

All I can tell is that by looking at the outside of me, you all might think of me as a geek or a nerd. Or even someone who doesn’t eat food properly. (Because I wear glasses-now lenses and I am real thin!) Many of my friends especially Navya, tell that I am a big geek! I really don’t know why! I mean I never looked at me at that way, a way of a geek! They say that because I read a lot of books and I literally can’t live without them. Once there was a time when I was so bored and I’d read almost every book in my house and then I saw Malgudi Days and I started to read it. I was reading it for the first time after I bought it for after 2 yrs. In the end it turned out to a good book. In school I’ve to be absent now a days all thanks to my bro! So I end up sitting in the class before recess and before the assembly completing notes. And seeing this Docks says that I am a big geek and a big nerd! All I want is to tell that that I want to me sincere! In my old school when I used to be absent, I always have this goal of finishing the work in that day! Be it even a meter long record observation, by writing speeds up according to my will. So I try to do that even here, and all I get is some evil criticism!

Anyway when people tell stuff like I am a geek or a nerd I’m starting to take it ‘light’. Previously when people used to tell me like that they will see my temper and will stay away from me for a few days, but now I think all of that is to change. When they say that I am a geek or a nerd I pip up with this reply, ‘OK! Anything else that I don’t know?’ And that shuts them up! I am really glad that I am changing! Anyway I do have something that most of my friends don’t, I’m good at sports! I get selected for competitions and I always try my best there! Though the only thing that I’d love to hear from my school when I am out there competing is their cheer! I love it when people cheer for me! It gives me more will and I try even better and harder! But sadly I am not that popular in school, so I hardly get those! :P

55 Word Fiction: The Sinner

‘Ready, Set, Go!’
‘BANG!’ Went off the pistol. And her playmates ran.
They ran fast, for the last one will be shot.
It was a game the princess played with
Her dolls, her people…
She loved killing. She loved the gun.
The last person lagging behind was an infirm.
‘BANG!’ she shot her father, ruthlessly…

Killing isn’t something new in today’s world. It’s something very common just like sleeping and eating and it doesn’t make any difference at all in the society. It creates nothing but hatred and fear. Some news channels agree with the fact that fighting and violence leads to revolution. But all I know is that, this violence will cause nothing but bloodshed and a horrible past for the future…

10 things on my Wish List!

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Well just like any other normal girl, this is my wish list! :)

  • I wish I could get up late in the mornings so that I won’t be there when mom/dad are at home since they wish to give me meter long chores on holidays!
  • Have a breakfast of my own choice-eggs and bread rather than Idly or any other food with Dosa as an exception.
  • Erase DAL from existence as mom always gives that for lunch and it tastes truly horrible!->I’ve been having that like for…6 yrs! So I know the experience my tongue went through!
  • Wish to carry laptops or student pad instead of books, textbooks, pens etc to school!
  • Wish that my eyesight would reduce soon so that I wouldn’t have to wear specs or even get tortured by my mom to wear lenses when I don’t want to wear them!
  • Wish my hair would remain short forever rather than having to grow it and would also be happy if my mom wouldn’t be complaining about growing and breaking promises of having it cut!
  • Wish I had the Animax Mobile.
  • Wish I could go on listening to the latest music releases and had the latest movies and music releases CDs at my doorstep!
  • Wish I could go to the Indus Valley Civilization and decipher the language of the Indus before anyone can!
  • I wish I had unlimited net and download speed; had my own laptop and would be allowed to sit in it for hours and study and score good marks at the same time.
Wish 10 wishes and you will get an extra wish! :P
  • I wish I had THE most amazing blog ever with the most amazing template!
Well, this is just a fraction of what's on my wish list. I mean after all everyone has endless desires and needs. When they get/have one, they’ll even want more! And I agree with that! So there’s never a full stop to anyone’s wish list and they’re always persistent to go and get their wishes granted!

Why I Write

This is another page from my Journal which I also call my Diary...
Sunday, 20th Sep,’09
Dear Diary,
Diary I don’t know what you think when all your pages are written by me and are filled with my DNA. But I don’t do things just for the sake of doing. I do it for a purpose. After all everything in life, which is meant to, happens for a reason. The same way writing in you is also meant for a reason. Do you know something Diary? Unlike all the other people out there, you’re someone whom I can share secrets with and of all you’re faithful and loyal, as you never leak of them. You’re one God Damn friend other than Docks! You see Diary, no matter what I write in you, be it anything happy/sad/criticizing or even if I
were to be hurting you, you still take it all in without any regrets or sadness or any feeling of remorse. You’re one solid-brick mate than any person can have! Anyway you still might be wondering why I write down almost everything in you. Be it anything that happens in school or anything about him, you still might wonder why? Well you see Diary I was fond of writing right from my 6th grade as my English teacher for writing a story once appreciated me and she made me to read it out to the whole class! And that was when I started to write seriously. Soon I came to Hyd. As my dad got transferred the apartment in which I live is really non-existent because there is no one to play with and I literally hate all the kids here! They’re all real bossy! So since I’m not good at drawing or any other creative stuff, I took up reading. Eventually I made up this habit of writing whatever came to my head or whatever peculiar feeling I felt that particular moment. So that’s how I ended up writing. To me writing is much better than anything besides reading as I can store stuff immediately in my head and I find it quite easy to interpret it in words. So now I guess you’d basically have understood that I write because that’s what gives me comfort and puts me in peace. Or can I just say that… I write to live?

Few Stuff I learnt From Reading Story Books…

Well as you all know that I am a big bookworm and I practically cannot live without them, I do learn some stuff from them. It’s not that I read books just for the pleasure of reading them or just to be liked calling a ‘Bookworm’ (Though I do), I read to learn…
Well anyway I love to read mainly adulterated books written by Christopher Pike, Francine Pascal and many other authors because it involves a lot of murder, thrill and stirs up the mystery feeling.
Well a few things I learnt are:
1. For the people who consume alcohol for the first time they’ll feel like rats are running in their stomachs. They’ll feel like puking and their head will be throbbing, they’ll feel dizzy plus they’ll have a bad breath. >>So never get alcoholic!
2. Never think less of your twin if you have one, because she’ll always be there for you and will readily do anything for you.
3. Vampires are really dangerous. They kind of have eternal living and can never die, until something is pierced through their heart. All sorts of Garlic/holy water/fire or anything is of no use on then as they have incredible healing powers. They feast blood especially if it’s another vampire’s. They hate the sun.
4. If you’re ever on drugs and need to get over the addiction then you need to befriend a genetic freak who could release you form the addiction.
And well there are really a lot more! But I’m just not able to get it out of my head! :'(
So, this is all I can bring out!
Enjoy! :)

55 Word Fiction: His Song

This one is another 55-word fiction and it looks like I’m quite addictive to it. I almost like write one ever alternate day in my diary. It’s so simple and easy and fun that it really dissolves the writers’ mind and of course put a limit to his imagination with the ’55 words only’ rule! But all the same it’s fun! ^_^

I gazed at the moon longingly. Faraway I could hear the nightingales’ song and the rustling of leaves. The moon shimmered in the lake’s reflection. I smiled and at that moment I could only think of him and his black dreamy eyes. I wished I could be with him and then I sand his song.

Recitals Of My Life:: Invisible Wall [You]

Invisible Wall[You]

You ring me up
And I ask ‘who is it?’
You say it’s your best friend
But I wonder if you’re really a friend at all…
You ask me to come out to hang out with your friends…
You say that we will have fun
So I pop out of the house
Hopping along the street
Waiting for you…
Then I see you-
You’re out there
Standing amongst your friends
You aren’t even bothered if I am there
You wag your little finger asking me to come across the street
Then you leave me…
You don’t even care if I am there
I’m like an invisible wall
You don’t even see me
You don’t even hear me
You’re lost in heaven with your lover
And forgot about your best friend…
I’m an invisible wall

Trotting beside you
You have your arms linked with your lover
And that’s when I wonder why you even called me
I ponder, ponder, ponder
When I see you sitting alone
I sit beside you, when you cry on my shoulder
And I realize it was him.
I let you cry on my shoulder
I take you to your house
I tell that everything will be alright
My soft side resides over you…
But I know,
You still don’t see me
You’re still heartless
You still don’t hear me
You’re still thinking about him
And yet you forget about your best friend…
‘Cause I’m an invisible wall

55 Fiction Story: The First Novel

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. The origin of 55 Fiction can be traced to a short story writing contest organized by New Times, an independent alternative weekly in San Luis Obispo, California, in 1987. The idea was proposed by New Times founder and publisher Steve Moss. New Times, while often mistakenly believed to be part of the New Times chain of papers, is actually part of the smaller, San Luis Obispo-county based New Times Media Group, which also owns the Santa Maria Sun.

The First Novel
As the sun crested the horizon John sipped coffee from a ceramic mug his son had given him years ago. John would never again sit in rush hour, cursing his travel mug and the traffic…
If only he could pin down the story floating in his head. Picking up his pen, John began to write.

InuYasha | The Final Act

Coming five years after the original animation series ended in Japan, the brand new series "InuYasha The Final Act" concludes the adventures of the half demon InuYasha and time-travelling high school student Kagome, as they quest through mystical feudal Japan to collect the shattered shards of a jewel that grants its user unimaginable power.

The television channel Animax has announced that it will premiere the 26-episode Inuyasha: The Final Act anime series across Asia on October 10 — one week after the Japanese premiere on October 3. Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and South Asia will premiere the anime on that day at 8:00 p.m., while WIB will start the anime at 7:00 p.m. Hong Kong will run the series at 7:30 p.m., and Taiwan will debut it at 11:30 p.m.

Inuyasha: The Final Act continues beyond where the first anime series ended and adapts the story from the final 21 compiled book volumes of Rumiko Takahashi's original manga. (Takahashi had ended the manga in the Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in June of 2008.) The original staff and cast will reunite for the new anime adaptation, and the musical acts Do as Infinity and AAA will perform the "Kimi ga Inai Mirai" ("A Future Without You") opening theme song and the "With you" ending theme song, respectively. The North American distributor Viz Media announced at Comic-Con International in July that it acquired the rights to Inuyasha: The Final Act.


Donadiska is a female journalist whom I’d met on 12th September 2009 in Imax (Hyderabad). She was from Italy. She was middle aged with a pale complexion, brown eyes, short wavy golden brown hair and had a wrinkled face. She said that she was touring all over the world and wrote about her encounters and experiences for a magazine, called Euroville or something like that. She had a strong Italian accent when she spoke and in her left eyelid she had some skin problem in its surface. India was one of the places that she was touring and in the beginning and in the end of her conversation she took pictures of me/friends. As I wished to continue the conversation my Dad to came to pick me up and I sadly had to go back. Still, she has inspired to become ‘more’ of a journalist when I am big. And at that time I’m sure, that I’d enjoy going around the world!

Sorority Row-Trailer

"Sorority Row" sees a group of sorority sisters try to cover up the death of their house-sister after a prank gone wrong, only to be stalked by a serial killer.When five sorority girls inadvertently cause the murder of one of their sisters in a prank gone wrong, they agree to keep the matter to themselves and never speak of it again, so they can get on with their lives. This proves easier said than done, when after graduation a mysterious killer goes after the five of them and anyone who knows their secret. [D-Man2010]

college juniors CASSIDY (Briana Evigan), JESSICA (Leah Pipes), CLAIRE (Jamie Chung), ELLIE (Rumer Willis) and MEGAN (Audrina Patridge) are sorority sisters sworn to trust, secrecy and solidarity, no matter what. But their loyalty is tested when a prank at a raucous house party goes terribly wrong and Megan ends up brutally murdered. Rather than confess to the crime and risk destroying their bright futures, the girls agree to hide the bloody corpse and keep their secret forever. Fast forward one year to graduation. As they prepare to say goodbye to the house and each other, the girls plan one last alcohol-fueled bash on Sorority Row, confident their dark secret remains buried. But does it? As the party rages in the front yard, the bedrooms and the hot tub, the girls receive cell phone videos taken the night of Megan's murder from an anonymous sender who threatens to forward the videos to the police. Then, one by one, the sisters and their unsuspecting boyfriends are stalked by an unseen killer. Has Megan returned from the dead to exact her revenge? Or was their secret discovered by someone else someone now determined to make them pay? Trapped, the girls race to figure out which of them let their secret slip, who wants them dead, and how to fight back as the bodies pile up and their beloved sorority house explodes into flames. A heart-stopping climax reveals the killer's shocking identity in this suspenseful, hip and sexy remake of the 1983 classic horror thriller.


Time Travel

Throughout history there have been accounts of people who spontaneously disappear, only to reappear just as suddenly in a different place. Researchers speak of different dimensions of time – past, present, future – existing next to each other as parallel universes. Is controlled time travel possible? Could H.G. Well’s dream of a time machine become reality?

  • In September 1880, Judge Augusts Peck from Gallatin was visiting his friend David Lang. Several witnesses were watching him walk across a field when he completely vanished. The people had thought that he had fallen into a hole, but neither the police nor the fire department could find any trace of him. To this day no one knows the whereabouts of Augusts Peck.

  • Another case happened in Mexico City, 1593. A few soldiers noticed a new guard on duty in completely different clothes. When questioned he said that he was guarding the Governor’s Palace in Manila. It was then that it had occurred to him that he was not in fact in Manila. Manila however lays some 11,00 miles away from Mexico City. Two months later news arrived from Manila that the governor had been assassinated on the very night the very night the mysterious soldier had popped up in Mexico City. Officers in Manila searched for him in vain, and his disappearance was thought to be related in the assassination. Since the solider was Spanish he had been able to communicate with the Mexican soldiers without any difficulty, although they did remark on his peculiar accent. Another mystery, left unsolved. Or could it be… Time Travel???

A Dazzling City

I fall back in time as I type about a buzzing, polluted yet a dazzling city looked upon at silence. It was the 5th of September and it was raining heavily, I was outside. I was buying something, but the rain had stopped me from going back home. So I was seeking for shelter and was drenched by the time I found one. The roof was also sheltering another person besides me, a Policeman. He was munching away something and didn’t even seem to be bothered when he was alerted about something in his walkie-talkie. Worthless, was all that I could think of. Bored, I glanced at the road, which was abuzz with cars. Slowly I shifted my glance to the wires that hung above the road from the poles. They were like connectors and were sending messages through a silver line in the rain and these I observed, were a lot for many wires hung loose. Amidst them all the raindrops clung on to them like the diamonds in a necklace. The light from the lampposts fusing with the droplets made a spectacular sight! The droplets hung just like the way, when the dewdrops condense and hang in a spider’s web on a foggy day. The web would look like a priceless necklace. And at that moment I realized that the magic of rainy nights make a buzzing city, a dazzling one when visualized in silence…

Crystal Tears

An age-old fairy tale tells the story of a young woman, the good sorceress Aryuda. She felt rejected because her magic had only stirred up jealousy. Disappointed by the people and other magicians, she withdrew to a high mountaintop to be alone. Saddened by her experiences, she began to weep, whereupon her tears solidified into sparkling crystals. She wept until her body was completely covered by crystals, transforming her into a crystal statue.

The ability to weep crystal tears is not something that happens in fairy tales. It is one of those mysteries that science cannot explain. In March 1996, 12 yr old Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani, a student in Lebanon, was in school when she complained about something caught on her eye. A stabbing pain accompanied it as if something sharp was lodged there. And in fact, to the great surprise of her teacher, a small, sharp edged fragment of sparkling crystal emerged. To everyone’s amazement her eye remained to be uninjured. Witnesses went on to describe how, a few minutes later, another crystal tear fell from her eye.

Hasnah’s father took her to an eye specialist, who admitted her to a hospital for two weeks of observation. She produced crystal tears every day during this period, yet the doctors could not determine their source. The crystals had become so sharp-edged that they could shred paper or cut glass, but still, mysteriously, did not injure the girl’s eye.
Hasnah’s father brought his daughter to see another eye doctor, from the American University Hospital in Beirut, but he too was unable to explain the phenomenon.


After a few weeks of uncertainty and daily crystal tears, Hasnah told her family that nearly every evening someone was knocking at her window. When she looked up, she would see a knight dressed all in white, asking her to come outside. They began to talk. The white knight announced that she was to be a messenger of God on earth, with her crystal tears serving as proof. He had told her she should not be afraid, because everything comes to pass by God’s will. She asked when the crystal tears would stop, but received no answer. The divine messenger appeared many times, even once when Hasnah’s brother present; but he only saw and heard his sister, never the white figure.

This case remains to be unsolved to this day, and Hasnah continues to weep her mysterious tears.
To know more about this mysterious case, log onto-

Cleanin' Up!

Cleanin’ up is not like any song or any other stuff like that. Cleanin’ up is nothing but cleaning my junkyard – table+room! It was really a hectic job. First of, just before I could go to bed dad said, ‘C’mon it’s time for you to clean your table and your room’. I was really startled. The time was 10 in the night and when dad said that I was like is he-gone crazy or what! Is he expecting me to clean my table at this hour, which is worse than a garage! There was no pint arguing with him so I had to clean up my mess!
My table was mixed and tangled with wires, laptop, CDs, books, stationary and other junk. It was so much of a hard work! I first set aside all the books (school and story books separate), then slowly untangled all the wires and changed the cover of my table. Since my table is near a high roof window, the dust accumulates fast so the sheet was really dusty and it gave me ‘coughing fits’! then when I looked at my hands I was aghast! It was totally dusty and worse than any ‘germ spreader’! I quickly went and washed my hands. And when I looked at my table again, it was a little bit better than before, and my hand wasn’t dusty even a bit! :)

Fake Wings - AMV (Tsubasa Chronicles)

This is another AMV made by me, and the album is Fiction (Yuki Kajiura).
Fiction is Yuki Kajiura's first solo album, containing remixes of her previous anime work as well as original songs. The Japanese edition features three bonus songs.
Enjoy the video and my YouTube link is-