T for… Twitter!

What exactly is Twitter?
Twitter is a microblogging service that enables its users to publish short messages up to 140 characters in length, on a personalized news feed. Users can update their feed directly through the twitter website or they can use various desktop and mobile applications, widgets or Facebook Apps, including SMS messaging. These news feeds can be accessed directly through a member’s web page, but Twitter also allows users to receive updates on a mobile or desktop application of their choosing. Originally Twitter messages where designed to answer simple questions like, “What are you doing?” This provided a communication short cut between friends to keep each other updated on the different goings-on in their lives. Moreover it also allows the users to customize their Twitter page to their convenience.

World Wide Facts about Twitter!

The dominance of English-speaking countries could be a side effect of the simple fact that the majority of Twitter’s existing user base speaks English. In fact, seven of the top ten countries most interested in Twitter have an English-speaking population. The UK and Ireland are displaying the highest interest in Twitter at the moment and the US is not in first place as it was in 2008. Twitter’s growth in the US is still strong, but it would seem that the worldwide level of interest in Twitter is high enough to ensure that other
countries will power much of its growth in 2009.

The Twitter Language:

If you are joining Twitter today, then you better learn the Tweet Language!
TWEET: A Twitter message of up to 140 characters in length.
TWITTER FEED: A news-feed of Twitter messages by a respective user.
TWITTERER: A person who uses Twitter.
FOLLOWING: If you subscribe to another user’s Twitter feed, then you are ‘following’ his/her messages.
FOLLOWERS: The users who decide to subscribe to your Twitter Feed.
NEWS FEED: A ‘news feed’ is a collection of new messages. It shows new messages in chronological order. News Feeds are typically distributed through RSS (Really Simple Syndication).
TWITTERVERSE: The realm of Tweets and Twitterers. It is comparable to blogosphere, but in 140 characters.

The Latest Tweet Buzz!

Recently, Twitter has taken the online world away by a storm. There are a few online users who haven’t heard about Twitter. The microblogging site has been around for long, but a real spurt in the traffic has come in recent months. Today, just about everybody has a twitter account irrespective of whether he tweets or not. Its popularity has even led to companies like Facebook and My Space feeling threatened. Often dismissed as a nerd’s threat until now, Twitter is fast becoming mainstream and has now been included into the English dictionary.

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