Recitals Of My Life~Pray For Death

Pray For Death
I came to this world as a wanderer
Searching for a vessel,
Empty and new.
Then I found it,
And called it ‘me’.
And the ‘me’ I was,
Had a new euphoria called ‘life’.
Esoteric was this ‘life’ I lived,
Mixed with joy and sadness.
And understood the essence of ‘life’~
Happiness can only be shared
But there came a point where,
Everyone turned their backs on me,
Didn’t feel for me,
And made me invisible and unwanted…
That’s when I realized that,
All the times I’d walked with them,
Beside the sea and beside the river,
Holding hands and making promises
Were a waste of time!
‘Cause now they’ve let me down…
A betrayal…
Now there’s nothing left for me to do but…
To pray…
To pray for death…
So tell me then
Why should I live when,
No one’s there and,
No one cares…
‘Cause they’ve all let me down,
And have broken the promises that,
We made beside the sea and beside the river,
It was all a waste of time
It was a betrayal!
And that’s when I should have prayed…
Prayed for death…

“If I ever write more songs and have a set, say like… 8? Then I’ll make an album out of those 8 and call that album ~ Recitals of my Life. I’m not like going to send it to ‘Sony’ and ask them to publish it worldwide! Nah… I’ll just have it like a memory of my life. My sweet ‘n sour memories ;) Currently I'm writing another song called 'Butterfly'”


"Every Scrap in an entry,
Will become a part of my memory! :)"

-My Scrapbook