Raksha Bandan!

5th of the August was so unexpected for me! Well I really thought in the beginning that the day would be like any other ‘normal holiday day’. I’d holiday because of Rakhi, Raksha Bandan. Well like I said before the day started out pretty normally with me getting up and wishing that the time were 10 rather than 7.30! To make things even worse, my mom locked up the laptop because she calculates how much time I sit in the laptop and since she’ll go to school and she won’t be there to see the time, so she locks it!!! So to kill time I wiled away most it by burning paper with my magnifying glass (which is really fun!) and finishing all my incomplete work. Then finally, eons later my mom came and I came back to paradise… The laptop ;)! Well I really used up all my time when I was in laptop by watching Chronicle of the Wings (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle) movie, which was almost for 40 minutes and of course how could I ever forget to blog! :) And then I checked my Facebook and Ning page and searched pics of Yoshika Yui, the singer who sang the opening theme for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Season 1. Then my time was over and I was really hungry! So I had a bread toast with Nutella – which was really tasty and yummy and goodie! Then I had to read for my Social Science skill test and when I was doing Civics, my dad came home and my mom said to meet him. Well I had no chance to say no, so I went expecting him to give me a big lecture about something which I had done wrong. But instead of that I got a gift for Rakhi, which was a cute ‘n cuddly bear! And when I was unwrapping the present, Tomy (my doggie) was jumping the whole time for he too was anxious to know what was in that shiny wrapping. When he saw that it was a teddy, he wanted it so much; he kept jumping on and on! Then as I was experimenting the doll and when I pressed the heart it was holding a sound played – “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!” You should have seen Tomy then! He was nodding his head from side to side wondering from where the sound was coming. And when he knew that it was form the doll, he wanted it even more! I was laughing the whole time when this incident took place! Man was it really funny! And looks like August is gonna be THE most exciting month ever!

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