‘My SMS was read out loud on AIR!’

(This is an entry from my journal)
Date: 10th August 2009, Monday
Time: 10.55 PM
Dear Diary,

I don’t know if you regard this as writing late or anything like that, but as I write I’m listening to my favorite radio show-Classical Showcase (FM Rainbow 101.9/102.6 MHz). It’s really good and it plays all-western classical music aided mostly with musical instruments like the violin, piano, saxophone and other instruments like that. I’m really excited as I write because I sent a SMS to the show and they read it out loud to the whole country! But I had forgotten to write my name :( … The SMS read, “I love the Classical Showcase and it’s the best western classical music show ever!” RJ Rupa had read it out nicely and when she realized that there was no name written I think she saw the phone code and said “An SMS has been sent to us from HYDERABAD” (that’s where I live)!!! Well since that was the first time my SMS had been read out, I’m really happy!

So, then how was it? Liked it? Well you’ll get loads more like this, so till then

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