Man Vs. Wild :: The Alaskan Expenditure

Man Vs. Wild is a show that comes on Discovery Channel and I don’t know the regular telecast timings but today, I saw it in the morning at 9.30, though the show was already half over! Anyway here’s a lil’ bit about the show…
Bear Grylls, the host was in the Alaskan Forest seeking for shelter and sleep for the night from the grizzly. Equipped with nothing but a flint, a sharp knife and his wits he made a fire. Then he started chopping branches ‘til they had nothing but their tops alone. He waterproofed the roof by adding half a dozen layers of fir leaves and slept the night in that cozy ‘cave’. Then in the morning he ventured out to find people, and he hoped that he’d find some by following the river he had spotted the previous day. As he went on he saw a spot that was frenzy with salmons and that made him hungry. So he made a spear out of wood since he had no fishing rod and set to catch a salmon. He succeeded in catching one and ate it, ‘just-rawly-out-of-the-river’ without even heating it, or removing the fats! Then as he plodded on he spotted a cabin that was close to some mountain glaciers. As he got near the cabin he hoped to find civilization, but sadly it looked like that cabin had been abandoned. He was mesmerized by the view of the mountains from the cabin that an idea struck him. He decided to go near the glaciers as people could be holidaying or fishermen could be fishing near them. Luck seemed to be in favor of him as he spotted a tiny boat near the cabin, which would now make his travel easier. Then he set out in the small boat and as he neared the glaciers the sea seemed to be frozen and there were chunks of ice everywhere. The little boat couldn’t hold it anymore and gave up and started to sink, forcing Bear to swim. The water was so cold that hyperinflation caught the better of him. Soon he reached a rocky bank and there he warmed himself by exercising. It was at that time he spotted a fishing boat and singled for it, and finally in the end of an greeny to icy cold adventure, Bear finally heads home…

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