'I wanna go Spook Hunting!'

I’ve always loved ghosts ever since I’d seen and heard of then in the TVs or any mass media. I live in Hyderabad, India and I used to watch ‘a Haunting’ in the Discovery Channel and I really loved it. Even when they changed the timings of the show from 10pm to 11pm (it’s a one hour show) and had it cut down to once a week telecast on Tuesdays, I always stayed up late so that I’d be able to watch it. But now a days they’re not airing it anymore and I think it could be because all the ghosts would have crossed over due to flashy lights that could have ruined their ectoplasm. I’d even made a Ouija Board, but I didn’t end up meeting any ghosts ‘cause I think I had Tomy (my doggie) and my room wasn’t dark enough. Well even if I go for Spook Hunting, then I’ll be well equipped with an Anti-Spook kit with me. Well, I think most probably my kit would contain the following:
>A crucifix (not sure)
>Holy Water
>A Voice Recorder
>A Defensive Tool (?)
Well I’d love to go to Spook Hunting with my friends, especially DOCKS!!


  1. Lol you sure have a weird kind of desire for a 15 year-old.(I'm guessing you're 15)When I was your age I liked watching horror movies a lot.
    But not anymore.Most of the Hollywood ghost flicks show inane and mindless crap.

  2. @Sam.. well.. my 15th b'day comes this june, actually.. :P
    yea... i like watching em! they're nice.. so even i feel like being in it sometimes..


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