The Great Good Thing

‘Sylvie had an amazing life, but she didn’t get to live it very often. What good were potions and disguises if no one came to scare you or save you or kiss you behind the waterfall? Week after week nothing changed. Years went by. The sparkles on Sylvie’s dress began to fade, and a fine dust coated the leaves, turning the green woods grey… “Rawwwwwk! Reader! Reader!” cried an orange bird, bursting into the air. “Boooook open!” groaned a bullfrog. “Ooopen! Boook open!” Sylvie sprang to her feet, excitement and fear catching in her throat. Sylvie had the farthest to go – all the way to page 3 – but she knew the shortcut between descriptions and arrived, hot cheeked, just as a shadow moved over the land and the face of an enormous child peered down at her…’

Yes, if you all had thought that this was some extract from a storybook… You’re right! But if you thought that it was about a storybook’s character written in a storybook, then you’re double right! This is such a GREAT storybook and I love this book soo much, though I had read it incidentally when there weren’t any book to read in the house or I had finished reading them all. The moment I started to read it, I loved it and I made up my mind that, only had I finished reading that book would I ever be satisfied and when I eventually did, I was in HEAVEN!!! I loved that book so much that I’ll give you guys the review of this wonderful book.

Sylvie has been a twelve-year-old princess for more that 80 years, ever since the novel she lives was first printed. She’s the heroine and her story is exciting – but the trouble is. It’s always exciting in the same way. Sylvie loves her storybook friends and family, but she’s getting bored with the story. Then when a new reader gazes down into Chapter One, Sylvie breaks an important rule for all storybook characters – she looks at the Reader. Worse still, she gets to know the reader, a shy young girl called Claire. When Claire falls asleep with the book open, Sylvie enters the girl’s dreams and discovers a new and exciting world. A world where adventures are rewritten daily, and dark, unpredictable dangers lie in wait – and where Sylvie must achieve one great, good thing to save the lives of everyone she loves.

So… Read it? Sounds exciting right! Well what are you waiting for then! Go grab that book! And by the way I got this book from my Aunt who too loves books and has got SHELVES AND LOADS of them! So I don’t know where/at, which shop you, might get it :P!

Author: Roderick Townley
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 210
Ages: 11+


  1. Well the story reminds of Curious Play.The plot is kind of the same.

  2. @Sam...
    well u could say that, but the character enters a dream to save the person though..


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