Well you better get ready ‘cause I’m going to give a report of how I’d written my exams!

English (17/08/09) - I shall never forget this exam! I was thinking that this exam would be a piece of cake because I knew I was good at it. You could say that I was a little bit over the cliff there! Well when the paper was given and when I looked at it, I knew I was done for it because suddenly I forgot and got confused with all the writing skill formats!!! Moreover I didn’t learn the poetic devices and 4 marks went WOOSH!

Hindi (18/08/09) – I wish Hindi never existed! The first two sides of the question paper were full of passage reading and answers and it took me almost an HOUR to complete it! Then there was really a lot of writing work to do and I was writing some gibberish in my paper till 11:15! With just 15 minutes remaining, it was like THE WORST Hindi paper that I’d ever written!

Science (20/08/09) – OMG! Usually I never ever do science well, but this exam was really like the simplest paper ever and I wrote it wonderfully! Well there might be a few exceptions in my Physics side, for I’ll be losing 2½ in a problem, which I’d a million times and yet I went wrong! And Bio was really easy and I wish ma’am would give me full marks for the diagrams of Xylem and Phloem!

Social Science (21/08/09) – WOW, is all that I can say about Social Science! It was way damn easy than any other subject! As a matter of fact you could say that it was the easiest exam ever! For every answer I wrote the past, present, future and everything else! All I did was finish reading all 4 divisions (History, Civics, Geography & Economics) in 3hrs.

Mathematics (22/08/09) – Gah! I wish I’d puked at Section C in the paper! It was the worst! Section C consisted of 3-mark question and there were 10 of them! Frankly speaking, it was the 3-mark section that I did not do well. Other Sections, I did nicely and I wrote all the 6 mark answers superbly!

Well, I’m in the ninth and in this grade we’ve only 5 subjects… So this was my report hope ya’ll enjoyed it! :D

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