Celebrating Friendship Day!

August 2nd sure was a fun day for everyone, because it was Friendship Day! Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month August, every year. The beginning of this tradition began in 1935 in the US. Well you want to know how I enjoyed mine? Well then here’s the story!

August 2nd started out quite a tiring day for me as I went for a sport meet the previous day any my whole body was aching! But still I got up and had breakfast.
Then I had to sit down and study, because my mom said she’d give the laptop only if I studied. So I took my Math and started working out a few sums. Later I HAD to study Physics because I didn’t even understand the lesson “Mass and Laws of Motion” a bit! I mean that sir doesn’t even teach properly and has a funny accent! And by the way I seriously hate Math and Science! So I learnt and understood the whole lesson with the help of my dad. Then I had to go to Pratyusha’s house, since she was giving her birthday party (actually her b’day was on 29th July). Well I had lunch at her home. Then we left for Imax (Prasads) as she said she’d meet us all there and she called some guys over there too.
Well Prasads is such a good place and there are so many shops there to hunt and have fun. Well we all went to the ‘Haunted House’ first and it really spooked us out!
Next we went over to ‘Crazy Hotel’ where we got lost in a curtain maze and I was shouting, ‘Hey! Someone get us out of here! We’re lost!’ I never knew where we were until a man came and told us that we were in the entrance of the maze! Really Tubelight-istic right? :D Well after that we lazed in Subway where we had drinks and one guy made a queer drink of Coke+2 Peppermints+Ketchup+Plastic. It was greenish black and one girl drank it, well she just had a sip of it. Result: All her braces became black! :D
So we enjoyed the whole time till it was seven since I had to go home and boy was it fun!!!

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