'And the Glass broke'

Ok, this is a status message chain in my facebook profile for the status I had updated and the HIDEOUS replies I got for it!

Tharangni Sivaji: A Quick Summary of this week!!!!(Really Exciting): 1.When I went to Bowl O' China to eat the other day, i was sipping water in a glass. the grip on the glass was quite strong (with my teeth) and suddenly the glass was too fragile and it broke under my teeth and there were glass pieces in my teeth! 2.friday, we had p.t and there was shotput!MAN THE BALL WAS SO HEAVY!!it was really a hard work for me to throw the ball!

And the Comments for that:

Cooldude Anirudh: boooooooooooo
Karthik Venkat: youre so thin that you surely cant weigh that ball
Cooldude Anirudh: mayb dat geek broke her body parts
Karthik Venkat: she said that her collar bone was broken
Navya Alam: A quick summary of da week...!
1. I found out tharangn is a BIGGER pea-brain that I'd have ever imagined.
2. What an idiot tharangni is
3. Stupid female. Who da heck asked u to chew da glass?
4. Yeah,pretty much thats it.
Thank you.
Tharangni Sivaji: @karthik: yea that's why sir put me, mounica n ujjwala in the 'baka category*'! plus none of my bones were broken!
@anirudh: same goes for u!

Recitals Of My Life~Pray For Death

Pray For Death
I came to this world as a wanderer
Searching for a vessel,
Empty and new.
Then I found it,
And called it ‘me’.
And the ‘me’ I was,
Had a new euphoria called ‘life’.
Esoteric was this ‘life’ I lived,
Mixed with joy and sadness.
And understood the essence of ‘life’~
Happiness can only be shared
But there came a point where,
Everyone turned their backs on me,
Didn’t feel for me,
And made me invisible and unwanted…
That’s when I realized that,
All the times I’d walked with them,
Beside the sea and beside the river,
Holding hands and making promises
Were a waste of time!
‘Cause now they’ve let me down…
A betrayal…
Now there’s nothing left for me to do but…
To pray…
To pray for death…
So tell me then
Why should I live when,
No one’s there and,
No one cares…
‘Cause they’ve all let me down,
And have broken the promises that,
We made beside the sea and beside the river,
It was all a waste of time
It was a betrayal!
And that’s when I should have prayed…
Prayed for death…

“If I ever write more songs and have a set, say like… 8? Then I’ll make an album out of those 8 and call that album ~ Recitals of my Life. I’m not like going to send it to ‘Sony’ and ask them to publish it worldwide! Nah… I’ll just have it like a memory of my life. My sweet ‘n sour memories ;) Currently I'm writing another song called 'Butterfly'”

Malgudi Schooldays

“It was Monday morning. Swaminath was reluctant to open his eyes. He considered Monday especially unpleasant in the calendar. After the delicious freedom of Saturday and Sunday, it was difficult to get into the Monday mood of work and discipline. He shuddered at the very thought of school: that dismal yellow building, the fire – eyed Vedanagam, his class teacher; and the Headmaster with this thin long cane…
By eight he was at his desk in his ‘room’, which was only a corner in his father’s dressing-room. He had a table on which all his things, his coat, cap, slate, inkbottle, and books, were thrown in a confused heap. He sat on his stool and shut his eyes to recollect what work he had for the day: first of course there was Arithmetic – those five puzzles in Profit and Loss; then there was English – he had to copy down a page from his English Lesson, and write dictionary meanings of difficult words; and then there was Geography. And only two hours before him to do all this heap pf work and get ready to school!”

Thus begins R.K. Narayan’s classic chronicle of the adventures of a boy named Swami, and his friends Rajam and Mani, in a sleepy picturesque South Indian town called Malgudi. Swami’s days are full of action – when he’s not creating a ruckus in the classroom or preparing in his inimitable
Way for exams, he’s trying to acquire a hoop from the coachman’s son to run down the Malgudi streets, playing tricks on his grandmother, or stoning the school windows, inspired by a swadeshi movement and is a hero when he catches a thief as his father had order him to sleep in his study all alone. But the greatest fear of Swami and his friends lies in putting together a cricket team foe the ‘MCC’ (the Malgudi Cricket Club) and challenging the neighboring Young Men’s Union to a match. However just before the match things go horribly, horribly wrong, and Swami has no potion but to run away from home, wanting never to return to Malgudi again…

Malgudi Schooldays is such a good book! Actually I bought it from Scholastic last year but didn’t feel like reading. But before the exams there was no book to read and I was restless to read a book. That’s when I saw the green cover of Malgudi Schooldays and decided that it’s now or never before I read it! So I started reading it and I wasn’t able to put that book away even for once! It’s really a good book!

Author: R.K. Narayan
Ages: 12+
Pages: 275
Publishers: Puffin Books


Well you better get ready ‘cause I’m going to give a report of how I’d written my exams!

English (17/08/09) - I shall never forget this exam! I was thinking that this exam would be a piece of cake because I knew I was good at it. You could say that I was a little bit over the cliff there! Well when the paper was given and when I looked at it, I knew I was done for it because suddenly I forgot and got confused with all the writing skill formats!!! Moreover I didn’t learn the poetic devices and 4 marks went WOOSH!

Hindi (18/08/09) – I wish Hindi never existed! The first two sides of the question paper were full of passage reading and answers and it took me almost an HOUR to complete it! Then there was really a lot of writing work to do and I was writing some gibberish in my paper till 11:15! With just 15 minutes remaining, it was like THE WORST Hindi paper that I’d ever written!

Science (20/08/09) – OMG! Usually I never ever do science well, but this exam was really like the simplest paper ever and I wrote it wonderfully! Well there might be a few exceptions in my Physics side, for I’ll be losing 2½ in a problem, which I’d a million times and yet I went wrong! And Bio was really easy and I wish ma’am would give me full marks for the diagrams of Xylem and Phloem!

Social Science (21/08/09) – WOW, is all that I can say about Social Science! It was way damn easy than any other subject! As a matter of fact you could say that it was the easiest exam ever! For every answer I wrote the past, present, future and everything else! All I did was finish reading all 4 divisions (History, Civics, Geography & Economics) in 3hrs.

Mathematics (22/08/09) – Gah! I wish I’d puked at Section C in the paper! It was the worst! Section C consisted of 3-mark question and there were 10 of them! Frankly speaking, it was the 3-mark section that I did not do well. Other Sections, I did nicely and I wrote all the 6 mark answers superbly!

Well, I’m in the ninth and in this grade we’ve only 5 subjects… So this was my report hope ya’ll enjoyed it! :D

Man Vs. Wild :: The Alaskan Expenditure

Man Vs. Wild is a show that comes on Discovery Channel and I don’t know the regular telecast timings but today, I saw it in the morning at 9.30, though the show was already half over! Anyway here’s a lil’ bit about the show…
Bear Grylls, the host was in the Alaskan Forest seeking for shelter and sleep for the night from the grizzly. Equipped with nothing but a flint, a sharp knife and his wits he made a fire. Then he started chopping branches ‘til they had nothing but their tops alone. He waterproofed the roof by adding half a dozen layers of fir leaves and slept the night in that cozy ‘cave’. Then in the morning he ventured out to find people, and he hoped that he’d find some by following the river he had spotted the previous day. As he went on he saw a spot that was frenzy with salmons and that made him hungry. So he made a spear out of wood since he had no fishing rod and set to catch a salmon. He succeeded in catching one and ate it, ‘just-rawly-out-of-the-river’ without even heating it, or removing the fats! Then as he plodded on he spotted a cabin that was close to some mountain glaciers. As he got near the cabin he hoped to find civilization, but sadly it looked like that cabin had been abandoned. He was mesmerized by the view of the mountains from the cabin that an idea struck him. He decided to go near the glaciers as people could be holidaying or fishermen could be fishing near them. Luck seemed to be in favor of him as he spotted a tiny boat near the cabin, which would now make his travel easier. Then he set out in the small boat and as he neared the glaciers the sea seemed to be frozen and there were chunks of ice everywhere. The little boat couldn’t hold it anymore and gave up and started to sink, forcing Bear to swim. The water was so cold that hyperinflation caught the better of him. Soon he reached a rocky bank and there he warmed himself by exercising. It was at that time he spotted a fishing boat and singled for it, and finally in the end of an greeny to icy cold adventure, Bear finally heads home…

'I wanna go Spook Hunting!'

I’ve always loved ghosts ever since I’d seen and heard of then in the TVs or any mass media. I live in Hyderabad, India and I used to watch ‘a Haunting’ in the Discovery Channel and I really loved it. Even when they changed the timings of the show from 10pm to 11pm (it’s a one hour show) and had it cut down to once a week telecast on Tuesdays, I always stayed up late so that I’d be able to watch it. But now a days they’re not airing it anymore and I think it could be because all the ghosts would have crossed over due to flashy lights that could have ruined their ectoplasm. I’d even made a Ouija Board, but I didn’t end up meeting any ghosts ‘cause I think I had Tomy (my doggie) and my room wasn’t dark enough. Well even if I go for Spook Hunting, then I’ll be well equipped with an Anti-Spook kit with me. Well, I think most probably my kit would contain the following:
>A crucifix (not sure)
>Holy Water
>A Voice Recorder
>A Defensive Tool (?)
Well I’d love to go to Spook Hunting with my friends, especially DOCKS!!

Something about 'NING'

So... does that name sound like a 'GONG' or what? haha! Well actually it's a create-your-own-social-networking-site web like blogger. I got some info from Wiki, so enjoy!

Ning is an online platform for people to create their own social networks, launched in October 2005. Ning was co-founded by Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini. Ning is Andreessen's third company (after Netscape and Opsware).The word "Ning" is Chinese for "peace", as explained by Gina Bianchini on the company blog, and is also a surname in Chinese.

Ning started development in October 2004 and launched its platform publicly in October 2005. Ning was initially funded internally by Bianchini, Andreessen and angel investors. In July 2007, Ning raised US$44 million in venture capital, led by Legg Mason. In March 2008, the company also announced it had raised an additional US$60 million in capital, led by an undisclosed set of investors.
Ning is located in downtown Palo Alto, California.

Ning competes with large social sites like MySpace and Facebook by appealing to people who want to create their own social networks around specific interests with their own visual design, choice of features and member data. The unique feature of Ning is that anyone can create their own social network for a particular topic or need, catering to specific membership bases. At its launch, Ning offered several simple base websites developed internally and by members of a closed beta. In late September 2006, Ning narrowed its focus to offering a group website, a photos website, and a videos website for people to copy and use for any purpose. These three templates were later superseded by a single customizable application aimed at enabling anyone to easily create their own social network. However, Ning does allow developers to have some source level control of their social networks, enabling them to change features and underlying logic.
Feature modification was temporarily disabled on October 21, 2008. and the company will replace full source control with the ability to bring in new features or change the logic of existing features via OpenSocial and a set of new APIs to be relaunched in early 2009.
Ning has both free and paid options. When someone creates a social network on Ning, it is free by default and runs ads that Ning controls. If the person creating the social network chooses, they can pay to control the ads (or lack thereof), in exchange for a monthly fee. A few other premium services such as extra storage and bandwidth and non-Ning URLs are also available for additional monthly fee.
Ning has also been used by educators in S-GI to conduct a book study on Curriculum Mapping. Many educators are using Ning for developing educational resources.
Ning launched support for OpenSocial APIs that Google in the summer of 2008. Developers OpenSocial gadgets within their networks.
The social networks running on Ning's service are programmed with PHP and the platform itself is built in Java.
In November 2008, Ning announced a partnership with Scripts4Ning, integrating the developer's products directly into Ning and offering them for free.
Ning network administrators can select from options that govern various levels of viewability and membership. Ning networks are subject to COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) regulations.

There's even more! I too have my own ning network! So do join it! It's...CCS Fans

The Great Good Thing

‘Sylvie had an amazing life, but she didn’t get to live it very often. What good were potions and disguises if no one came to scare you or save you or kiss you behind the waterfall? Week after week nothing changed. Years went by. The sparkles on Sylvie’s dress began to fade, and a fine dust coated the leaves, turning the green woods grey… “Rawwwwwk! Reader! Reader!” cried an orange bird, bursting into the air. “Boooook open!” groaned a bullfrog. “Ooopen! Boook open!” Sylvie sprang to her feet, excitement and fear catching in her throat. Sylvie had the farthest to go – all the way to page 3 – but she knew the shortcut between descriptions and arrived, hot cheeked, just as a shadow moved over the land and the face of an enormous child peered down at her…’

Yes, if you all had thought that this was some extract from a storybook… You’re right! But if you thought that it was about a storybook’s character written in a storybook, then you’re double right! This is such a GREAT storybook and I love this book soo much, though I had read it incidentally when there weren’t any book to read in the house or I had finished reading them all. The moment I started to read it, I loved it and I made up my mind that, only had I finished reading that book would I ever be satisfied and when I eventually did, I was in HEAVEN!!! I loved that book so much that I’ll give you guys the review of this wonderful book.

Sylvie has been a twelve-year-old princess for more that 80 years, ever since the novel she lives was first printed. She’s the heroine and her story is exciting – but the trouble is. It’s always exciting in the same way. Sylvie loves her storybook friends and family, but she’s getting bored with the story. Then when a new reader gazes down into Chapter One, Sylvie breaks an important rule for all storybook characters – she looks at the Reader. Worse still, she gets to know the reader, a shy young girl called Claire. When Claire falls asleep with the book open, Sylvie enters the girl’s dreams and discovers a new and exciting world. A world where adventures are rewritten daily, and dark, unpredictable dangers lie in wait – and where Sylvie must achieve one great, good thing to save the lives of everyone she loves.

So… Read it? Sounds exciting right! Well what are you waiting for then! Go grab that book! And by the way I got this book from my Aunt who too loves books and has got SHELVES AND LOADS of them! So I don’t know where/at, which shop you, might get it :P!

Author: Roderick Townley
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 210
Ages: 11+

‘My SMS was read out loud on AIR!’

(This is an entry from my journal)
Date: 10th August 2009, Monday
Time: 10.55 PM
Dear Diary,

I don’t know if you regard this as writing late or anything like that, but as I write I’m listening to my favorite radio show-Classical Showcase (FM Rainbow 101.9/102.6 MHz). It’s really good and it plays all-western classical music aided mostly with musical instruments like the violin, piano, saxophone and other instruments like that. I’m really excited as I write because I sent a SMS to the show and they read it out loud to the whole country! But I had forgotten to write my name :( … The SMS read, “I love the Classical Showcase and it’s the best western classical music show ever!” RJ Rupa had read it out nicely and when she realized that there was no name written I think she saw the phone code and said “An SMS has been sent to us from HYDERABAD” (that’s where I live)!!! Well since that was the first time my SMS had been read out, I’m really happy!

So, then how was it? Liked it? Well you’ll get loads more like this, so till then

Raksha Bandan!

5th of the August was so unexpected for me! Well I really thought in the beginning that the day would be like any other ‘normal holiday day’. I’d holiday because of Rakhi, Raksha Bandan. Well like I said before the day started out pretty normally with me getting up and wishing that the time were 10 rather than 7.30! To make things even worse, my mom locked up the laptop because she calculates how much time I sit in the laptop and since she’ll go to school and she won’t be there to see the time, so she locks it!!! So to kill time I wiled away most it by burning paper with my magnifying glass (which is really fun!) and finishing all my incomplete work. Then finally, eons later my mom came and I came back to paradise… The laptop ;)! Well I really used up all my time when I was in laptop by watching Chronicle of the Wings (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle) movie, which was almost for 40 minutes and of course how could I ever forget to blog! :) And then I checked my Facebook and Ning page and searched pics of Yoshika Yui, the singer who sang the opening theme for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Season 1. Then my time was over and I was really hungry! So I had a bread toast with Nutella – which was really tasty and yummy and goodie! Then I had to read for my Social Science skill test and when I was doing Civics, my dad came home and my mom said to meet him. Well I had no chance to say no, so I went expecting him to give me a big lecture about something which I had done wrong. But instead of that I got a gift for Rakhi, which was a cute ‘n cuddly bear! And when I was unwrapping the present, Tomy (my doggie) was jumping the whole time for he too was anxious to know what was in that shiny wrapping. When he saw that it was a teddy, he wanted it so much; he kept jumping on and on! Then as I was experimenting the doll and when I pressed the heart it was holding a sound played – “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!” You should have seen Tomy then! He was nodding his head from side to side wondering from where the sound was coming. And when he knew that it was form the doll, he wanted it even more! I was laughing the whole time when this incident took place! Man was it really funny! And looks like August is gonna be THE most exciting month ever!

Yuki Kajiura :: Fake Wings

This song is performed by Yuki Kajiura and appears on the album SIGN Original Sound & Song Track 1 (2002).
Yuki Kajiura
This song is performed by Yuki Kajiura and appears on the album Fiction (2003).

Shine, bright morning light,
Now in the air the spring is coming.
Sweet blowing wind,
Singing down the hills and valleys.

Keep your eyes on me,
Now we're on the edge of hell.
Dear my love, sweet morning light,
Wait for me, you've gone much farther, too far...

Shine, bright morning light,
Now in the air the spring is coming.
Sweet blowing wind,
Singing down the hills and valleys.

Keep your eyes on me,
Now we're on the edge of hell.
Dear my love, sweet morning light,
Wait for me, you've gone much farther, too far...


P.S : I've this song in my music playlist too!

Celebrating Friendship Day!

August 2nd sure was a fun day for everyone, because it was Friendship Day! Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month August, every year. The beginning of this tradition began in 1935 in the US. Well you want to know how I enjoyed mine? Well then here’s the story!

August 2nd started out quite a tiring day for me as I went for a sport meet the previous day any my whole body was aching! But still I got up and had breakfast.
Then I had to sit down and study, because my mom said she’d give the laptop only if I studied. So I took my Math and started working out a few sums. Later I HAD to study Physics because I didn’t even understand the lesson “Mass and Laws of Motion” a bit! I mean that sir doesn’t even teach properly and has a funny accent! And by the way I seriously hate Math and Science! So I learnt and understood the whole lesson with the help of my dad. Then I had to go to Pratyusha’s house, since she was giving her birthday party (actually her b’day was on 29th July). Well I had lunch at her home. Then we left for Imax (Prasads) as she said she’d meet us all there and she called some guys over there too.
Well Prasads is such a good place and there are so many shops there to hunt and have fun. Well we all went to the ‘Haunted House’ first and it really spooked us out!
Next we went over to ‘Crazy Hotel’ where we got lost in a curtain maze and I was shouting, ‘Hey! Someone get us out of here! We’re lost!’ I never knew where we were until a man came and told us that we were in the entrance of the maze! Really Tubelight-istic right? :D Well after that we lazed in Subway where we had drinks and one guy made a queer drink of Coke+2 Peppermints+Ketchup+Plastic. It was greenish black and one girl drank it, well she just had a sip of it. Result: All her braces became black! :D
So we enjoyed the whole time till it was seven since I had to go home and boy was it fun!!!

T for… Twitter!

What exactly is Twitter?
Twitter is a microblogging service that enables its users to publish short messages up to 140 characters in length, on a personalized news feed. Users can update their feed directly through the twitter website or they can use various desktop and mobile applications, widgets or Facebook Apps, including SMS messaging. These news feeds can be accessed directly through a member’s web page, but Twitter also allows users to receive updates on a mobile or desktop application of their choosing. Originally Twitter messages where designed to answer simple questions like, “What are you doing?” This provided a communication short cut between friends to keep each other updated on the different goings-on in their lives. Moreover it also allows the users to customize their Twitter page to their convenience.

World Wide Facts about Twitter!

The dominance of English-speaking countries could be a side effect of the simple fact that the majority of Twitter’s existing user base speaks English. In fact, seven of the top ten countries most interested in Twitter have an English-speaking population. The UK and Ireland are displaying the highest interest in Twitter at the moment and the US is not in first place as it was in 2008. Twitter’s growth in the US is still strong, but it would seem that the worldwide level of interest in Twitter is high enough to ensure that other
countries will power much of its growth in 2009.

The Twitter Language:

If you are joining Twitter today, then you better learn the Tweet Language!
TWEET: A Twitter message of up to 140 characters in length.
TWITTER FEED: A news-feed of Twitter messages by a respective user.
TWITTERER: A person who uses Twitter.
FOLLOWING: If you subscribe to another user’s Twitter feed, then you are ‘following’ his/her messages.
FOLLOWERS: The users who decide to subscribe to your Twitter Feed.
NEWS FEED: A ‘news feed’ is a collection of new messages. It shows new messages in chronological order. News Feeds are typically distributed through RSS (Really Simple Syndication).
TWITTERVERSE: The realm of Tweets and Twitterers. It is comparable to blogosphere, but in 140 characters.

The Latest Tweet Buzz!

Recently, Twitter has taken the online world away by a storm. There are a few online users who haven’t heard about Twitter. The microblogging site has been around for long, but a real spurt in the traffic has come in recent months. Today, just about everybody has a twitter account irrespective of whether he tweets or not. Its popularity has even led to companies like Facebook and My Space feeling threatened. Often dismissed as a nerd’s threat until now, Twitter is fast becoming mainstream and has now been included into the English dictionary.

Social Networking: An Addiction?

Initially, the Internet started as a revolution for common people, then it became a status symbol, then came an era when the Internet became a necessity and, finally, it is now the time when the Internet is becoming an addiction, especially true when we talk about the social networking websites. Nowadays, people spend hours and hours on these kinds of websites. Its popularity has reached to an extent where all the people of almost every age or origin feel great to be a part of one social network or the other.

On websites like Facebook and MySpace, users can instantly see what their friends online are doing and can keep them updated on every move they take in their day-to-day activity. Most users know it’s not a substitute for face-to-face communication, but they say it’s the next best thing. Since different people have different opinions and views, most users say that they end up connecting with many more people than they otherwise would. However, some wonder if all that instant information has a downside.

According to MySpace, the pace is growing fast. As of now, one-fourth of the total American population uses their site with 300,000 new members every day. In India too, sites like Facebook, Orkut and Tagged are adding about 250,000 people every day.

Recent studies show that, people who use the Internet (especially accessing social networks) excessively can be placed in the ‘Internet Addicts’ category. And this number is growing at a very fast pace day by day. Excessive usage would mean here about 30-40 hours of usage a week! “It can really get addictive,” says a psychology student. “You start to want to stalk people. You kind of follow their every move. People, who normally wouldn’t be stalkers, might even find themselves kind of following people online.”

Here are 3 steps, which can surely lessen the addiction and, after sometime, get rid of it completely!

Do not overdo it: Limit yourself
Accessing social networking websites is not exception. Take your social network as a leisure activity only, not something you need to accomplish every day or every hour. Limit yourself by setting aside a particular time of day to use these services.

Say no to E-mail notifications
Most of the social networking websites send e-mail alerts to your e-mail address when someone posts a message or does any other activity on your web page. It’s good, because even without signing into social network you get to know who did what in your page. But getting lots of these e-mail alerts can tempt you to visit these sites more often. So it is best if you disable this feature.

Never allow yourself to network by phone

Today, almost every other social network gives you the option to access their application on your mobile phones. It’s easy to access and user friendly. But if you see the broader picture, you allow yourself to access these sites on your phone; you can get more habituated to using these sites. So, it is always better to keep your Internet (GPRS) services blocked from the operator, if you do not normally access the Internet on the phone.

Social networking is fun for sure! But don’t let it rule your head and give you some unwanted troubles. So, take your pick, and enjoy these services – at your own risk.