Musical Transformation…

Music my second soul (includes my mp3 too) has changed me a lot! In the beginning I used to listen to all the songs I like to such an extent that I memorize it. I’m usually a shy and nervous person when it comes to singing in front of other people because of my voice and my fear. My voice isn’t actually like the sweet voice of any girl you might know, well it’s actually kind of rough and neutral and not soft. Well I can alter it by raising my head high and sweet voice (a bit) comes out of my vocals. So since I’m shy, I used to close my room door and put on the earphones (to prevent myself from hearing my voice) and I start to sing. But soon my parents knew what I was doing and were persisting me on singing one day and I always used to say that I can sing ‘cause of my voice. Well you might think I don’t like my voice by the way I am describing it, but actually I LOVE MY VOICE ‘cause it’s unique and different form other girLs… and I also won the loudest voice in my apartment for that! ;)
Well it was when I won the "loudest" prize that my parents persisted me to such an extent that I had to sing in front of my whole apartments. But I said that I’d sing only if I had my mp3 and I’d decided to sing Innocence by Avil. As I went to the stage I crossed my fingers and started to sing with the volume in the mp3 to the max and well, it was really good!! It was my fist exciting experience and I really loved it! And Teardrops on My guitar is the song I’m perfecting myself and I hoe one day people will get to hear it! So see ya soon in my next post and ‘til then, BYE!^+^

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