Frustration and Sadness… : Something I wish that never existed… :’(

Wondering how I am? Well to keep up your hopes, I’m quite happy!^_^… but not that happy like I used to be back in 8th. Well you might be wondering that the reason could be because of my 9th, well in that case, your right on the spot!!! >_<" This year I’m really getting angrier than I usually do, mostly because of how people make fun of me in the class. I don’t know whether it makes them happy or not, but I sure do get depressed! I always wonder, ‘Why do they pick me out of all the million other people!’It’s usually in the lunch when I depressed… A LOT! Well I’ve a big appetite and I start carving for food right from the 5th period after which there’s another period to go. It’s normal for anyone that they’d gulp their food when the lunch bell rings. And from this year on, my mom is back to the old lunch schedule, which I had until the 6th - RICE (I hate rice >_<")!!! Well to finish the rice fast I bring a big spoon, and people make fun of it as a SERVING SPOON!! Usually I ignore whatever they say, but lately it’s bugging me, and they also make fun of the way I open my mouth to eat food as I can open my mouth QUITE WIDE!!! Ugh! I hate it when people are like that and eventually I end up getting angry and shouting at them, which I don’t want to as I want to be happy and smiling always! :)

Just as things are not nice in school it’s even worse at my house! Man I wish that hell of a brother never existed! He’s such a lazy goose! If there’s anything such as switching off the light, he shouts to me (in slang) ORDERING me to do this and that, when I’ll be some other part of the house where it takes time for the sound to reach! And if I don’t do it, he hits and beats me!!! All of that violence makes me also to get DAMN angry and I too shout back but sadly I’m no match for him… :'( And then the laptop! He says that I shouldn’t download this and that and blames me if anything happens to it - with no account to anything wrong that I did! And my mom! SHE WORSHIPS MY BROTHER AND ALWAYS GIVES ANYTHING HE WANTS! Whereas I’ve got to EARN the darn thing! Man it’s really infernal at home, where Yama is my goddamn brother! And well only my dad and my pet are nice and by the way my doggie protects me whenever my bro fights with me – he barks and snarls at him! Now isn’t that sweet of a cute lil’ daschund!! ^_< !!! I’m sure that from this post you’d have known that to me, it’s frustration that leads me to sadness, so I guess I’d have to be even more happier that, also… Guess What?!?!^-^… MY BIRHDAY IS COMING SOON AND IT’S ONLY A WEEK AWAY! I think if you were guessing, then you’d have thought it was on 27TH JUNE… which is right!^_^!
So ‘til the next post tootles!^+^ and you will get updates of my birthday!^_^

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  1. Aww..your classmates are just too insensitive I suppose.You know in college we start eating from the 2nd period of the day itself.I mean those of us who take the pain of bringing a lunchbox to class DO.The moment the professor turns his back to the class everybody's teeth start working.It's not a sin to get hungry you know.
    And you know what's funnier?By the it's lunch-break..all our lunchboxes have already been emptied. :P


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