Everything is not what it seems…

Well, now that I’ve entered the 9th, things are so-not like what I’d expected them to be! Well the first day was joyous, as I was so happy that Docky was in my class! But other than that, I didn’t approve my class! The girls strength was just 15-16 and the guys ~ phew! They ruled the class with strength of 26! Well the next was when I felt like I was broken into two ~ Docks, was changing her class! And all that because her II – Language was Sanskrit!!! I was so devastated! And she, MAN WAS SHE HAPPY WITH THE TEACHERS OF THAT CLASS! Almost all my favorite teachers were teaching IX-D, Lavanya ma’am for Chem. and Deepa ma’am for English! I was in IX-B, and the teacher prob, was also one of the reasons why I hated my class! Well when I returned home, I thought about it, and I decided to play along with my fate. If fate wishes that I should never get what I always want, then fine! I’ll try and be happy with the hard stuff! ;)
And so it was, the next day I started to talk and hang out with Komal and she was really nice! :)
And I liked her immediately plus to get the time going on I read Christopher Pike’s ‘Road To Nowhere’ and Pike’s books are really good to read. They’re all a mixture of Horror and Mystery. But still I do wish that if I could at least get a lil’ bit more of what I wish in school so that I’d be even happier than usual! ^_^ …

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