Taylor Swift :: Teardrops on my Guitar

"Teardrops on My Guitar" is the second single by country pop artist Taylor Swift. This work is from Taylor's self titled album, Taylor Swift, following her debut single "Tim McGraw". The song is about a girl who is secretly in love with a boy named Drew, but Drew is interested in another girl. The song talks about the heartbreak of liking someone who is so close but is out of one's reach. Swift also states that it's about the conflicting feelings of loving someone and wanting them to love you back and wanting them to be happy. In a behind-the-scenes video, Swift reveals that the song was written about a classmate

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  1. Taylor Swift is amazing.At 19 she writes such beautiful songs.I totally adore her voice :)Can't stop listening to Teardrops on my guitar,Oh my my my and Love Story.


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