Secondhand Serenade

As the name suggests, this American Acoustic rock solo project which was fronted by John Vesely who is a vocalist and a guitarist. This project began in the U.S in 2004 and Vesely has two albums published since then. His first album was Awake which was published in 2005 was done with the help of multitrack recording to have the sound effect of a band. But his second album, A Twist In My Story (2008) took a different turn and was published with the help of a proper band and an orchestra to establish a more accomplished sound.

About John Vesely:

John Joseph Vesely formed Secondhand Serenade in his home town of Menlo Park in California, USA, in 2004. Vesely was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in a musical family and as the son of a professional jazz musician father, commenting that "getting into music was a natural thing" for him. He spent 8 years playing as a bassist in local bands, featuring in a number of acts ranging in style from ska and hardcore to rock and pop. After years of playing bass, he opted for an acoustic guitar and began writing his own songs when he met his wife Breanna Russell. She had wanted him to play a song and "serenading her with a bass guitar was out of the question", he has admitted he found his "true calling" when he picked up the guitar.

The pseudonym Secondhand Serenade is a reference to the way in which his songs are 'serenades' sung to his wife. People around the world are merely getting to hear the songs 'second-hand'.

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