Well now that summer has set in, every one gets hot and sultry. I can never drink normal water in summer so i always use the ice cubes. Well yesterday the ice tray was empty :( but my mom had frozen the water in a glass. So I thought of using that ice. But before that I had a Quest to do and that was to break that solid ice and put it in my glass. First I used a fork, but it didn't work, so i used a Kinfe and it worked perfectly! But here's the most amazing part ~ We all know to fish in an ice lake, we have to make a hole and drop in the bait. Well the same phenomenon happened here! After using the kinfe, I had made quite a hole in it and when I turned it upside down... Cold Water was gushing and I kept my glass beneath it and I got nice cold water. Well thw way the solid ice looked was like a "Glass Tumbler" with a hole on top of it to pour the Water!!! Here are some pics of how it looked. Enjoy!~

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