Hotline To Hell

Do anyone of you hate a person so much that you feel like sending him/her to hell? Well there is one site that will send that person to hell, and it is from the anime Jigoku Shoujo. That anime's main protangist is Ai Enma. She has a website where you can send them to hell. But to access it, you should have a lot of hatered towards that person and the time to access it is sharp 12 (midnight). Well I was browsing the net the other day and typed 'Hotline to Hell', and guess what?!! There were results for it. Well there are actually two hotlines in the net, one which I'd found the other day and another one which my friend told. The one which my friend told me, well that is accessible only at midnight and can be accessed only once. The links for those sites are ~
!!Hell Visit!!
!!Hell Visit At Midnight!!
So... now it's all left to you to decide...

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