Enjoying Life In The School Free Zone~!!

School’s over and its holidays! I guess I should have posted this long ago, but as its holidays I was too lazy to type it down. :P So here I am typing it all. Now that its holz (holidays) everyone will be lazy and will be happy to be left from the world of books and knowledge. Well even I was like that, ‘til now. I’d been selected for journalism next year and I wish to be straightened up till then as I and Docky (who’s also been selected) believe that the competition will be tough.

Now getting back, I’ll tell you all how my life is without school. I think you can say that for me it is half fun and half bored. The fun part comes in getting up at whatever time you want and going back to bed at whatever time you want; sitting in front of the T.V and the laptop whenever and being in front of them for how much ever you want; jumping up and acting crazy to the limit and most of all ~ The freedom of being glued AWAY from the books. And of course chatting with friends and family non-stop!:) Well I guess that much is fun for me.

The things due to which I get bored to the extreme is ~ THE IPL!!!! Darn that boring game, and because of it I miss all the super cool telecasts that come in T.V like ~ Jigoku Shoujo and Pimp my Ride (I love these two!!). Then it is when my brother takes the laptop charger and uses it for his dumb speakers and I am left with a laptop whose full capacity is just being able to display 43% of the laptop’s performance! And then the DAY LONG BORING chores which my mom gives me to do and most of the time I hesitate and I get angry (which I like most of the time ^_^) and other irritating stuff that happens in the house and my dog whose mischief has no bounds and who never ever eats his food properly. Result ~ All the shininess and luster of his coat gone and he becoming BONY! (a bony dog is never fun!).

But with all the twists and turns… it makes my holidays enjoyable and fun and cherishable! ^_^

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