Confused With LaMB

I saw LaMB the one hour special and I liked it. I was really happy with the original soundtracks done by The Click Five and Simple Plan. The voicing, which was done by Van Ness Wu and Josie Ho for English, was really good too. At first I saw the Making of LaMB and the full length AMV (I can wait forever) and it was later I saw the movie, when they telecasted it last on Sunday, 8 pm the 1-hour special. After seeing the movie clips from the making of LaMB and the AMV, I thought the movie will feature even the simple plan singers to the end, but no, they didn’t! The reason why I am confused is this. Animax said that in the one hour special, they’d put extra clips and I was waiting for it. Moreover since it’s a one-hour movie, they telecasted it only for 45 mins (including the advertisements)!!! I was taken back totally. I could assure you that there were no extra clips and I wonder if the AMV (I can wait forever) was done with the clips from the movie, because in the AMV they introduced all Simple Plan singers (animated), but in the movie they came only once! Besides that in the AMV they showed Pierre, fighting and all other friends of his fighting too! But in the movie, Oh no!!! X-(
This is what I am confused with! With the movie and the official AMV!!!

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