Beat The Heat!

Phew! Summer has set in and all of us can feel the scorching heat. During summer we will see many changes such as migration of birds and animals, a rise in the sea level due to global warming, a lot of shopping and busy traffics, school buzz and of course, no would ever forget the taste of the delicious and the mouth watering ICE CREAMS! People who are living near the coastal area will be expecting a lot of humidity and restlessness in the air. There might be crisis of power shortages too, but not at the peak hours. Well, we may also see something unusual in the summers, mighty rainfalls! Rainfalls usually tend to occur in the monsoon time, when the climate is warm as the warm currents blow. But all that has changed due to global warming and pollution. We see heavy rainfall, or even floods as we precipitate and the plants transpire more. Soon our conditions will change to Australia’s because when we have summer here (India), they’ll have winter there. This is because Australia is located in the southern hemisphere and its climatic conditions are different from other countries.
Coming to the point, some of the best acts for summer are:
1. Chilling out in the Beaches.
2. Eating Cold stuff such as ices or cakes! :)
3. Sleeping most of the day.
4. Watching T.V or sitting in front of the PC.
5. Playing in the Nights.
6. Listening to music or reading BOOKS!
7. Going to pleasant places in the hols.
And many more… Well these are the stuff that I do in summers :). And it’s up to you to decide whether or not you like it or not or you want to follow it! Anyway hope my ideas are nice. ^_^

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