Avril Lavigne Gets punk’d!

This post is about Avril getting punk'd. punk'd is a show produced and directed by Ashton, where they humiliate or embarrass actors/singers/important people in T.V. It is actually hosted in MTv, but here in India its aired in Vh1. pUnk'd is aired between 9pm to 9. 30pm in Vh1.

Okay, coming back to where we were, Avril Lavigne goes out for shopping and parks her car in a reserved parking area of a worker. So when the worker comes and realizes that her area has been occupied she parks her car in front of Avril’s. That’s when Avril comes back and realizes that she can’t move her car, so she asks the worker to move it, but the worker say that she’s have to wait until she’s come back. Now this really pissed off Avril! So with the help of another man, from punk’d staff (she doesn’t know where he's him as she finds him in the parking lot) she decides to push the car front so that she could move her car out. Now this is when things begin to happen. When the pushes the car, she overdoes it a bit and the car goes rolling down the sloppy parking area. When she realized her mistake, she tries to ‘PULL THE CAR BACK’ using physical force to car goes and dashes down the electric area. On the way while the car was rolling, it pushed a bike, which was parked near the electric area into the ‘area’ and besides the car getting damaged the bike too got damaged. Soon the bike rider came into the scene and gets really angry when he sees that his bike’s gone. So he says, ‘Oh, yea! You (Avril) play bowling ball with my bike, and hey, you’re the singer Avril right?’ Then the worker enters the scene and gets really depressed seeing the car gone to a piece of junk. Avril gets really scared and she knew that she couldn’t do anything about the ‘gone’ car and bike and goes almost to the extent of crying, when the crew comes and says that she had just got punk'd. Then she calls to someone and says that she had got punk’d.

All I realized after Avril getting punk’d is that, she isn’t as powerful and rough as she sings. She’s really weak and soft when she’s out and doing anything besides singing. But all I can say that that was some hysterical punking work done by Ashton!
Well Done Ashton!

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