Enjoying Life In The School Free Zone~!!

School’s over and its holidays! I guess I should have posted this long ago, but as its holidays I was too lazy to type it down. :P So here I am typing it all. Now that its holz (holidays) everyone will be lazy and will be happy to be left from the world of books and knowledge. Well even I was like that, ‘til now. I’d been selected for journalism next year and I wish to be straightened up till then as I and Docky (who’s also been selected) believe that the competition will be tough.

Now getting back, I’ll tell you all how my life is without school. I think you can say that for me it is half fun and half bored. The fun part comes in getting up at whatever time you want and going back to bed at whatever time you want; sitting in front of the T.V and the laptop whenever and being in front of them for how much ever you want; jumping up and acting crazy to the limit and most of all ~ The freedom of being glued AWAY from the books. And of course chatting with friends and family non-stop!:) Well I guess that much is fun for me.

The things due to which I get bored to the extreme is ~ THE IPL!!!! Darn that boring game, and because of it I miss all the super cool telecasts that come in T.V like ~ Jigoku Shoujo and Pimp my Ride (I love these two!!). Then it is when my brother takes the laptop charger and uses it for his dumb speakers and I am left with a laptop whose full capacity is just being able to display 43% of the laptop’s performance! And then the DAY LONG BORING chores which my mom gives me to do and most of the time I hesitate and I get angry (which I like most of the time ^_^) and other irritating stuff that happens in the house and my dog whose mischief has no bounds and who never ever eats his food properly. Result ~ All the shininess and luster of his coat gone and he becoming BONY! (a bony dog is never fun!).

But with all the twists and turns… it makes my holidays enjoyable and fun and cherishable! ^_^

SNoW :: Sakasama no Chou

SNoW (born June 11, 1985 in Tokyo, Japan) is a J-Pop singer. Her first single "Yes" was released under an indie record label in November 2004. In 2005, she changed labels to Sony Music Entertainment Japan. With Sony, she released "Hanabi made Ato Sukoshi" (花火まであとすこし) - unofficial translation: "A Little Longer Until the Fireworks") in July. Her third single, "Sakasama no Chō" (逆さまの蝶), "The Inverted Butterfly", was released on January 25, 2006. "Sakasama no Chō" was the opening theme of the 2005/2006 anime Jigoku Shoujo (地獄少女). It will also be used in the movie Humoresque to be released in February 2006. The opening theme for Jigoku Shōjo's second season, "NightmaRe", was also performed by SNoW. It was released as a single on December 6, 2006.

To Download the song Click Here.

So, Here's the video of Sakasama no Chou~

Hotline To Hell

Do anyone of you hate a person so much that you feel like sending him/her to hell? Well there is one site that will send that person to hell, and it is from the anime Jigoku Shoujo. That anime's main protangist is Ai Enma. She has a website where you can send them to hell. But to access it, you should have a lot of hatered towards that person and the time to access it is sharp 12 (midnight). Well I was browsing the net the other day and typed 'Hotline to Hell', and guess what?!! There were results for it. Well there are actually two hotlines in the net, one which I'd found the other day and another one which my friend told. The one which my friend told me, well that is accessible only at midnight and can be accessed only once. The links for those sites are ~
!!Hell Visit!!
!!Hell Visit At Midnight!!
So... now it's all left to you to decide...

Impacto Remix :: Daddy Yankee Ft. Fergie

This Song Features Fergie by Daddy Yankee and it's from the album "El Cartel: The Big Boss". According to an interview by Primer Impacto news, who were on the set of the remix version video, Daddy Yankee says there will be two videos, one for the remix featuring pop/R&B singer Fergie and a second for the original. The original video features many cities including London, Tokyo, New York, San Juan and Mexico City. The remix video includes bits and pieces from the original video, adding Fergie and her parts.

Anyway enough with the talk and here's the video and like always don't forget to enjoy! ^-^

Nodame Cantabile

This is another anime Telecasted by Animax. Nodame Cantabile is a story about Megumi Noda, a young lady who has a great passion for music especially for playing the piano. She never remembers to keep clean and therefore is always yelled and looked after by Shinichi Chiaki, who lives next door. Chiaki plays all the instruments and wishes to have an own orchestra and achieves one, The Rising Star Orchestra...

Megumi Noda, or “Nodame” is a piano student at Momogaoka College of Music. An extremely talented pianist who wants to be a kindergarten teacher, she prefers playing by ear rather than reading the music score. She is messy and disorganized, takes baths several days apart and loves to eat, sometimes stealing her friend’s lunchbox when it is filled with delicacies.

Shinichi Chiaki is Momogaoka’s top student. Born into a musical family, he is talented in piano and violin and has secret ambitions to become a conductor. An arrogant multi-lingual perfectionist who once lived abroad in the music capitals of the world as a young boy (namely Prague), he is trapped in Japan because of his childhood phobia.

They meet by accident. Nodame quickly falls in love, but it takes much longer for Chiaki to even begin to appreciate Nodame’s unusual qualities. Their relationship causes them both to develop and grow. Along the way, they meet some crazy people (like Masumi, Mine, and Stresemann) and make lasting friendships. Because of Nodame, Chiaki gets the opportunity to lead a student orchestra and begins to have a broader appreciation of people's musical abilities. Because of Chiaki, Nodame faces her fears and enters a piano competition. Opportunities open up as both begin taking risks, stretching themselves far more than they ever thought possible.

After graduation, Nodame succeeds in curing Chiaki from his phobia and they both move to Paris where Nodame continues her piano studies at a conservatory while Chiaki starts a professional career as a conductor. In Europe, they encounter new friends and rivals, as well as keep in touch with their friends from Japan.

For More Information You Can Click Here...

Know Your Enemy ~ Finally!!

Vh1 finally put the video today! I was so happy to see the video and had my fingers crossed. But in the end the video was awesome!!! So to show you guys how awesome it was.. here's the video ~

Green Day's Back On Track!

The Video Telecast Of "Know Your Enemy" ~ World Premiers on 25th April!!!
Heard the latest news about Green Day??? They're going to release their latest debut album ~ 21st Century Breakdown on May 15th!!! Well I guess it should a long time, after all their last album was American Idiot (2004) and coming back after 5 years, wow that sure is a long time! The gap was so long that I'd thought that Green Day has done with releasing albums, until the day I logged into their website, greenday.com and seeing the preview of Know your Enemy on Vh1 (though I missed most of it)... I realized they weren't done with their career. Well MTv had taken a sneak peek into one of the song from their album ~ Know Your Enemy and here's what they tell us...

Your Call :: Secondhand Serenade

This is a superb song by John Vesely(Secondhand Serenade) from his latest debut album, A Twist In My Story. The pseudonym Secondhand Serenade is a reference to the way in which his songs are 'serenades' sung to his wife. People around the world are merely getting to hear the songs 'second-hand'. So all the songs which he sings are for his wife... and the lyrics go perfectly!



Untouched :: The Veronicas

Well hate to say it, but there wasn't much info on the song in the web! so I guess I'll just put the Video, the Lyrics and the Audio! So enjoy!!!^_< Video:



The Veronicas

Aha! Another cool group of singers, viewed in Vh1 (Push). But this one is a lil' bit unique. Apart from other bands, this one has 2 lead singers and what;s more they're Twins! Their names are ~ Jessica Origliasso and Lisa Origliasso. When I first heard the name 'The Veronicas', I didn't find it queer/strange. But when my cousin brother heard it, he thought that it was Veronica or Ronnie from Archies. Then I had to tell him that they were actually twin singers! And the worst part was that, he DIDN'T feel surprised or anxious to know more about them! Man was I pissed off!!
And here's a little bit more about them ~


The Veronicas
The Veronicas.
The Veronicas.
Background information
Born December 25, 1984 (age 24)
Origin Brisbane, Australia
Genre(s) Electro rock
Pop rock
Years active 2005 – present
Label(s) Sire, Warner Bros. Records, Pony Canyon
Associated acts Dean Geyer, Ryan Cabrera, Greg Wells, Toby Gad,
Website Official Website
Jessica Origliasso
Lisa Origliasso

The Veronicas are an electro based pop-rock band based in Australia. The band was formed in 2005, in Brisbane, by twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. They have their own line of clothing for all ages that they released beginning in 2007.

They have released two studio albums, the first being The Secret Life of... in 2005. The debut album peaked at #4 on the Australian charts and gain an ARIA certification of four times platinum, for 280,000+ sales. The Secret Life of... spawned five singles, including three top ten singles in Australia.

The band released their second album Hook Me Up in 2007. It also peaked at #2 on the Australian charts, earning a certification of two times platinum. The album has had four Australian top ten singles released from it to date. The album's title track, "Hook Me Up", was The Veronicas' first number one single in Australia.

You can get more info from ~ The Veronicas - More Info

Confused With LaMB

I saw LaMB the one hour special and I liked it. I was really happy with the original soundtracks done by The Click Five and Simple Plan. The voicing, which was done by Van Ness Wu and Josie Ho for English, was really good too. At first I saw the Making of LaMB and the full length AMV (I can wait forever) and it was later I saw the movie, when they telecasted it last on Sunday, 8 pm the 1-hour special. After seeing the movie clips from the making of LaMB and the AMV, I thought the movie will feature even the simple plan singers to the end, but no, they didn’t! The reason why I am confused is this. Animax said that in the one hour special, they’d put extra clips and I was waiting for it. Moreover since it’s a one-hour movie, they telecasted it only for 45 mins (including the advertisements)!!! I was taken back totally. I could assure you that there were no extra clips and I wonder if the AMV (I can wait forever) was done with the clips from the movie, because in the AMV they introduced all Simple Plan singers (animated), but in the movie they came only once! Besides that in the AMV they showed Pierre, fighting and all other friends of his fighting too! But in the movie, Oh no!!! X-(
This is what I am confused with! With the movie and the official AMV!!!

Don't Turn Back, by Colby O'Donis

Don't Turn Back is one of the latest hits from Colby's Debut Album. You can listen to it by just clicking it ~
Don't Turn Back

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Secondhand Serenade

As the name suggests, this American Acoustic rock solo project which was fronted by John Vesely who is a vocalist and a guitarist. This project began in the U.S in 2004 and Vesely has two albums published since then. His first album was Awake which was published in 2005 was done with the help of multitrack recording to have the sound effect of a band. But his second album, A Twist In My Story (2008) took a different turn and was published with the help of a proper band and an orchestra to establish a more accomplished sound.

About John Vesely:

John Joseph Vesely formed Secondhand Serenade in his home town of Menlo Park in California, USA, in 2004. Vesely was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in a musical family and as the son of a professional jazz musician father, commenting that "getting into music was a natural thing" for him. He spent 8 years playing as a bassist in local bands, featuring in a number of acts ranging in style from ska and hardcore to rock and pop. After years of playing bass, he opted for an acoustic guitar and began writing his own songs when he met his wife Breanna Russell. She had wanted him to play a song and "serenading her with a bass guitar was out of the question", he has admitted he found his "true calling" when he picked up the guitar.

The pseudonym Secondhand Serenade is a reference to the way in which his songs are 'serenades' sung to his wife. People around the world are merely getting to hear the songs 'second-hand'.

You can visit Seconhand Serenade's website at: http://www.secondhandserenade.net

Metro Station

Metro Station ~ Shake It

Metro Station is a cool band and I first heard it in Vh1 Push. They were featuring a song, "Shake It", which was one the bands latest singles of 2008. Here's some more that about them that will help you...

Metro Station
Anthony Improgo from Metro Station performing in Chicago.
Anthony Improgo from Metro Station performing in Chicago.
Background information
OriginLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Years active2006—present
Label(s)Columbia/Red Ink
Associated actsForever The Sickest Kids , The Secret Handshake , Powerspace, Boys Like Girls
Mason Musso
Trace Cyrus
Blake Healy
Anthony Improgo

Metro Station is an American pop band, formed in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. In late 2006, the band signed a recording contract with Columbia/Red Ink. They are best known for their Top 10 Billboard hit single "Shake It" from their self-titled debut album. Popularized mainly by their co-frontman Trace Cyrus, older brother of Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, and Mason Musso, older brother of Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana the band has experienced a recent boom in their record sales.

For More Information go to : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro_Station_(band)

Beat The Heat!

Phew! Summer has set in and all of us can feel the scorching heat. During summer we will see many changes such as migration of birds and animals, a rise in the sea level due to global warming, a lot of shopping and busy traffics, school buzz and of course, no would ever forget the taste of the delicious and the mouth watering ICE CREAMS! People who are living near the coastal area will be expecting a lot of humidity and restlessness in the air. There might be crisis of power shortages too, but not at the peak hours. Well, we may also see something unusual in the summers, mighty rainfalls! Rainfalls usually tend to occur in the monsoon time, when the climate is warm as the warm currents blow. But all that has changed due to global warming and pollution. We see heavy rainfall, or even floods as we precipitate and the plants transpire more. Soon our conditions will change to Australia’s because when we have summer here (India), they’ll have winter there. This is because Australia is located in the southern hemisphere and its climatic conditions are different from other countries.
Coming to the point, some of the best acts for summer are:
1. Chilling out in the Beaches.
2. Eating Cold stuff such as ices or cakes! :)
3. Sleeping most of the day.
4. Watching T.V or sitting in front of the PC.
5. Playing in the Nights.
6. Listening to music or reading BOOKS!
7. Going to pleasant places in the hols.
And many more… Well these are the stuff that I do in summers :). And it’s up to you to decide whether or not you like it or not or you want to follow it! Anyway hope my ideas are nice. ^_^

Avril Lavigne Gets punk’d!

This post is about Avril getting punk'd. punk'd is a show produced and directed by Ashton, where they humiliate or embarrass actors/singers/important people in T.V. It is actually hosted in MTv, but here in India its aired in Vh1. pUnk'd is aired between 9pm to 9. 30pm in Vh1.

Okay, coming back to where we were, Avril Lavigne goes out for shopping and parks her car in a reserved parking area of a worker. So when the worker comes and realizes that her area has been occupied she parks her car in front of Avril’s. That’s when Avril comes back and realizes that she can’t move her car, so she asks the worker to move it, but the worker say that she’s have to wait until she’s come back. Now this really pissed off Avril! So with the help of another man, from punk’d staff (she doesn’t know where he's him as she finds him in the parking lot) she decides to push the car front so that she could move her car out. Now this is when things begin to happen. When the pushes the car, she overdoes it a bit and the car goes rolling down the sloppy parking area. When she realized her mistake, she tries to ‘PULL THE CAR BACK’ using physical force to car goes and dashes down the electric area. On the way while the car was rolling, it pushed a bike, which was parked near the electric area into the ‘area’ and besides the car getting damaged the bike too got damaged. Soon the bike rider came into the scene and gets really angry when he sees that his bike’s gone. So he says, ‘Oh, yea! You (Avril) play bowling ball with my bike, and hey, you’re the singer Avril right?’ Then the worker enters the scene and gets really depressed seeing the car gone to a piece of junk. Avril gets really scared and she knew that she couldn’t do anything about the ‘gone’ car and bike and goes almost to the extent of crying, when the crew comes and says that she had just got punk'd. Then she calls to someone and says that she had got punk’d.

All I realized after Avril getting punk’d is that, she isn’t as powerful and rough as she sings. She’s really weak and soft when she’s out and doing anything besides singing. But all I can say that that was some hysterical punking work done by Ashton!
Well Done Ashton!