A Wonderful Day...

Date: 11th March 2009 and 12th March 2009

I don’t know what to say but I think I’m turning this blog into a dairy web by typing down everything that’s happened in a day from the book in which write it all. I just can’t help it. I really love writing. Well, as a matter of fact today when ma’am introduced a new writing skill (Speech Writing), I just couldn’t wait to write the exercises. Well today was kind of exciting as I was preparing for my science activity test and finished a very nice story book – Journey to the River Sea. I’ll write the article about it later, but it was really nice as I sat down and read a whole fat book in one day! But my day ended sad when my precious Mp3 stopped working it wouldn’t even on, and when I attach to the laptop, nothing happens! So I think you could say that, that was really a sad thing and a terrible way to end MY day!

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