My Precious 8th Grade...

‘A Lot’ certainly has been happening at school as mentioned in Sweetbattie or Docky’s blog to be more precise. Firstly this term was filled with surprises for me as I had got:
→3rd in Half A Minute or HAM
→2nd in Inter Class Quiz competition
→1st in Slogan Writing
Completely Unbelievable! Right? Well I had been thinking about this and I kind of feel like I am having the time of my life. My whole 8th grade life had been precious and prize-ious too. It is the first time in my life when I’ve got so many laurels in a year. It all began with my sports performance and I’ve got no idea how it will end. There had also been ‘A Lot’ happening as Docky and I have been selected for journalism, next year. That day was the happiest day in 8th apart from other incidents. All the same I cannot believe this year is going to end. Very soon my annual will start on 31st march (and I got to gear up for that!) then the non-instructive days when I’ve got to attend school as attendance is compulsory and then holidays and then I will step into ninth, the rock hard grade before the 10th! I think time really is cruel. It zaps all the happy and precious moments in a blink-of-a-eye, and would leave us to think about it. I just wish I could control time when these happy moments are there, so that people could enjoy it forever…

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  1. Nice, nice!

    You'll keep doing great work and getting prizes, don't worry:)
    At our school, we don't even have things like this. Pshh. -.-

    Anyhoo. Thanks for your comment on my blog...yes, I'm 13, I'm in the eighth, going to the ninth in, on the 16th. Heh:)

    And oh, how do you get your elfish name? I want one! And I'm linking you on my blog. Have you heard Schrei by Tokio Hotel, because I was thinking it was funny how you picked up that name. I love that song!
    You tc!


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