A Full Moon Night!

Date: 10th March 2009

I sit in my balcony longing to go to the terrace but my father didn’t allow. I had always loved to go to the terrace when it was night, as I love to see the dark silvery sky in a cool night’s breeze. I just wished that I could see the sky tonight, as it’s a full moon night. I really love the moon. I know that tonight would be a wonderful night, but not a starry one as I live in a city. You know the reason, right? To me the moon is something really beautiful besides being my planet as I am a Cancerian. To me it’s the light in the dark. It is also something that luminates the non-luminated sky. I also believe that the moon is magical, as there are stories that on a full moon night werewolves transform and there are many stories that I may not know, but I believe in them and in the Moon…

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