Dog Call !

Every human being in this world has got 6 senses – sight, hear, taste, feel, talk and smell. But there are some people who are physically discharged and suffer the loss of their senses. But animals, birds and insects are unique. They’ve only got 5 senses. They do not have the gift to talk. But they do understand ‘their’ language that we find difficult to understand. Here’s an incident that happened between two dogs, when I was on my way to the school bus in the morning.

There were three dogs that were walking behind each other. Soon one dog left the group and trotted away. The other two were left alone. Then one dog went and sat in the center of the road and the other one followed it. An auto rickshaw was speeding only a few distances away from the dogs, and none of the dogs realized what was coming towards them. Then in a fraction of second, things began to happen. The rickshaw came so close to the dog that was sitting; it could have hit it. But fortunately, it didn’t. When the rickshaw came near the dog, the other dog barked its head off. Scared and startled by the sudden commotion created by the other dog, the dog, which was sitting, got out of the way, just in time before it could have been killed, just before an accident could have happened. What I believe that saved the dog is that; the instincts of the other dog, which was standing near the dog, which was sitting.

Many people come across incidents such as this in their everyday lives. Whenever we see an incident or an accident, we shouldn’t panic. We should call the authorities immediately and inform then what has happened. For us it’s the hospital, but for the animals it’s Blue Cross, an emergency medication facility for birds and animals. There are also certain incidents where animals had saved people. We should save the animals to save ourselves, as they maintain the balance in the ecosystem.

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