Book Review ~ The Star Of Kazan.

The Star Of Kazan is a wonderful story that traces the life of a foundling, Annika. Annika’s life is a mystery. No one knows where she comes from or who her parents are. She was found and adopted by two cooks who work for three eccentric professors in Vienna. Her upbringing in this golden city – home of a great Emperor, and the beautiful white stallions that dance in the famous riding school – is a very unusual one. She often longs for a mother to come and claim her, but instead a very old and mysterious woman enters her world. ‘La Rodine’ entrances Annika with tales of her adventurous life. Especially with the story of the passionate Russian count who once gave her the legendary emerald, the Star of Kazan. Annika enjoys her life in Vienna until one day when a lady came and claimed that Annika was her long lost child. Annika’s happiness knew no bounds when her new life started in Spittal (her mother’s place) and when she met her step brother-Hermann and the gypsy boy, Zed Her life in Spittal takes a turn when she sees a photo of La Rodine in Lake Spittal. Her life takes another twist when her mother shows her the surprise that she had been waiting for a long time. In the end a shock waits for Annika when she learns the truth about her mother. Is this the story that will lead Annika to discover who she really is…?

The Star Of Kazan
Author – Eva Ibbotson
Pages – 388
Ages – 12+

I would like to conclude in the end saying that, this enchanting book is wonderful as well as worth reading!

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