Welcome to my world of Harmony …

“The Ocean is a mighty harmonist” – William Wordsworth.
“Music has a poetry of it’s own, and that poetry is called Melody…” – Asagiri Melody.

Well ‘til now I had posted a blog deliberately on my favorite anime and had kinda explained about it too (I guess). Well now I think it’s time for me to talk about music, the 2nd reason for living my life. And my 1st reason is to enjoy my life! Coming back to the track, music or sound or harmony or be it anything but, to me sometime is a friend as well as an annoying thing. It’s a friend to me in a way like, never minds how my temper is; doesn’t care about my character and is always there where ever I go or where ever I am. Be it the pleasant sound of the nature while meditating in the school or the racketing sound the guys in my class. It’s always with everyone. No one can eliminate sound, other than the deaf, whom I feel sorry, as they can’t experience this wonderful thing. I feel it annoying at times when they keep loud woofers, as I find it difficult to breathe at that time. Listening it when I don’t want to like, when I’m angry, restless, and frustrated! Sometimes I kinda need it when I’m frustrated, as it stops me from hearing the outside world, especially from Anushka (that irritating girl)! I believe that the first sound was that of Mother Nature. Or may be the sound of “Big Bang”. Well I think so because when ever there’s a bang, and then there ought to be a sound too. Only after all these do I listen to the songs written and sung by artists. Well to me music means the tune and the harmony of nature and the songs sung by people. I’ve got a huge list of my favorite singers and I think I can jot some down here. My favorite artists are: Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Green Day, Akon, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Abingdon Boys School, Sum 41, Ne-Yo, The Killers, Soulja Boys, Backstreet Boys, Shakira, Hilary Duff, The Click 5, Simple Plan, Dido, Taio Cruz, Eminem, 50 Cent, Blues, Cascada, Enrique Iglesias, Michael Andrews, Flo-Rida, Rickey Martin, Vanessa Hudgenes, Crazy Frog, Suga Shikao, Daddy Yankee, Westlife, Teriyaki Boyz, Tokio Hotel, Chris Brown, Juno, Evanscene, Vengaboys, System Of A Down, The Fray etc etc… I told you that my list would be never ending… and it hasn’t ended yet, so I think you’d be expecting more in the future. Well I’m sure you can see the ‘Cute Hello Kitty Playlist’ that I’ve got, you can hear some of the songs by those artists in that too. I’m sure you’ll like it. I also have a taste for books, and I think you can also say that I’m a bibliophile, as I love books. You’ll see about them later in another post. Till then hope you’ll enjoy reading and like this blog!

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