All right, I know that this might be a bit off topic, but it is related to my life and I post blogs related with my life too. Well this one’s about my bench mate, Neetu, who is one of my best friends. Well if my friends are best or not, I always love playing tricks, making fun and laughing at them and joining the other friends and laughing at them! Well that day was the best! It was when she had a fight and broke up with a guy! Man was it funny to see that guy laugh and ‘back off-ing’ from her and her belongings! Well she came to like this guy after they were practicing for the Inter-class dance competition in which she said that SHE’D DO THE SALSA ONLY WITH HIM AND NOT WITH ANYONE ELSE. Man I felt like laughing when I heard this! But then I thought about the poor girl as that guy was the first guy she had ever spoken since she had entered the 8th grade. So I controlled myself but I didn’t control from saying it to another best friend of mine, Docky about the happenings between my bench mate and that guy. Well for the next two days they were TALKING ALL THE TIME AND NEETU DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO TALK WITH ME! MAN WAS I FRUSTRATED! But the next day was my day! They had their first fight and it was all because of Neetu telling ‘stupid’ to the guy! Isn’t that really silly! I mean after all the slang we use in the class… man I sure did laugh for that!
Well after that the next day ma’am changed his place (well I don’t know the reason, but I think it was because he was short) and I was passing signs to Docky telling that Neetu was sad ‘cause he had gone front (the second bench and we were in the last – I love the last as it’s the mischief and tricks area). Then he started to make jokes of Neetu and telling them to Push-Girl (who sits back of that guy). Soon in the lunch Push-Girl came over to our place and told all the jokes. Man was she (Neetu) angry. So she just said a few slang, so that it wouldn’t hurt his feelings. Then after that Docky and I were the cameramen for the rehearsals and since the power was out, Neetu took out her Mp4 and put the speaker on, and they were rehearsing with that sound. Soon Push-Girl came running towards the ‘guy’ and told “ Here take it’s Neetu’s!” That did it. He soon ran out of the practice room and never entered it! And during all that was going on, I was laughing! So in frank it was just for two days ‘til they were friends and then they
broke – up. Well according to me that’s the quickest break – up that I’ve ever seen! And was a funny one too!


  1. Whoa! Interestin blog post realistic...cant help laughing...HA HA HA HA....rhere you go... - Eva/Docky

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