My Strength And My Weakness…

Strength. Strength here means the good or the advantageous quality of any living being. Weakness means the field in which any living being is weak. Now that I’ve done explaining the ‘topic’ on which I’m going to write about, I’ll now start elaborating it.

My Strength:
Ahh… I guess you can say that I’m pretty good at stuff like running, doing somersaults, studies, English writing skills and fighting and you can also say I’m brave too! Well I don’t know whether or not I should say that I’m good at singing (English songs) because of my voice. It’s kinda fit for shouting as I got the first in the shouting competition held in my apartments. But don’t expect me to be singing for you as I am really shy when I’ve got to sing for a large number of people. I am really good at writing articles and talking formerly as well as talking friend-lyish. And I always aim for the stars.

My Weakness:
Well I am really weak when it comes to small things such as doing ‘extra’ work and I always think of shortcuts!!! I am no good when it comes to playing with ball such as throwing! I am so poor at it that it wouldn’t even go past the next. I am also poor at aiming anything that is to be thrown and catching it also! L Well besides running I’ve got just a little stamina!!! I really feel tired after going a whole round around the playground. And that’s the reason why I’m going to athletics! To increase my speed as well as my stamina level! Ad I really love that place!!! J

Well I guess this much should do. The next blog I’m gonna put my drawing of Sergeant Keroro!

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