My Academic Life

Ahh…Finally! My report card day has got over, and I scored 87%. Not a good score right? Well that’s how it is for me! I’m usually a 90% getter, but after stepping into the 8th grade, all my scores dropped! I guess if this is how my scores are in 8th, and then I guess it’s unimaginable in the 9th and 10th grades! But I’ll tell you something and I’ll keep up to it, that is, I’ll get 90% and above in my unit tests and in my last term too! Well even my pal, Docky or Dockyard says that after she got transferred to our school, she to isn’t able to get grades above 90%, as she got so in her previous school; except for the 1st unit test when she got 90%, and said that she wasn’t happy with that! Well my percent in the first unit was so damn terrible, that I don’t feel like telling it! And in the second unit test I was so close to 90% by ½ mark! (Sad)! But I know that if I were to put more hard work in all my subjects I’ll go pass 90% and will be happy! In my first term results, well I guess they were 88% and you can say that I dropped by 1 percent and I know I’ve to make up to that! Well to be frank I can write good articles, stories (if I have the patience), guided compositions, essays and other writing skill concepts other than postcard! I’m really bad at this! I got 3½ on 5 for the II – Term postcard! But at the other parts like grammar, composition and literature; I’m good at those! As a matter of fact I got the highest in English in my class (86 on 100)! I really love my English teacher and I dream to be a great journalist or an archaeologist as I’m really interested in English and History alone! I also dream to write a lot of articles and get them posted in the hillside magazine or the class magazine or the newspapers! I can just say that a part of my dreams is being fulfilled, as I and my friend is the president of the class magazine! Well, I guess this much should do for my academics!

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