Tomy ~ A Mixture of Naughtiness and Cuteness

Dogs are the best friends of man since a long time; in fact they’re so, right from the beginning of evolution. Well, the reason why I’m talking about dogs is because of my own dog, Tomy. Well… I think you guys might be thinking that I am a little bit absurd to write about my dog, Tomy. Well if you do so then don’t. Because he’s a part of my life too! And I love my life! He’s a cute dog and I think you can say that, as he’ll be turning two this May (2009). He belongs to the daschaund breed. Well actually we bought him from a kennel. He’s pure jet black and has the most adorable eyes in the world. He always thinks of food and nothing else, but at the same time he’s a good guard dog too. Say, even if a fly were to pass by our door, he’d start barking the head out of the house. Despite his size (1 and 3 quarters feet-broad; 20 cms from the ground), his barking sure is loud. We’re in the 2nd floor and we can hear him whine/bark right till the ground floor and the terrace. He loves to have company and hates to be left alone at irregular timings i.e. other than when we go to school and work. If, we were to leave him at any irregular time, then he’d start to whine; scratch the door; do a hell of mischief and other things to express his anger. He’s a happy and jumpy dog and loves guests when they start to live in our houses. But if he sees anything strange object, he’ll get very scared to get near it and starts to play with it only after he’s known everything about it. Sometimes while he’s asleep (he’s always!) he wags his tail and sometimes makes yapping noises too! ahahahahahahah I laugh ‘til my sides start to ache! That’s a funny thing about him. Another thing about him is that he’s a DAMN SCARED DOG! He’s scared to go down in HIS WILL and when I force him to go his hind legs start to tremble and he gets terribly scared! Now if you were to ask me, then that is a very funny too! Well as I had you before that he loves food, then I start to tease him by getting a piece of any sweet food and run it in around his nose and eyes. Then slowly and steadily he starts to drool!!! ahahahahahahah!!! He drools a lot when his food is especially non – veg!

Well I guess this much about my dog should be enough! Or else I can go on and on and on writing about my doggie, Tomy!

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