Pumpkin Scissors

Pumpkin Scissors (パンプキン・シザーズ Panpukin Shizāzu?) is a manga created by Ryoutarou Iwanaga, originally serialized in Magazine GREAT in 2002, but later moved to Monthly Shōnen Magazine in October 2006. The manga has been licensed by Del Rey as announced at the New York Comic Convention 2007. The series ended with 10 volumes.

An anime adaptation of Pumpkin Scissors, produced by Gonzo and AIC, began airing on October 2, 2006 across several Japanese television stations and ended with the 24th episode on March 19, 2007. The series was originally licensed to the North American market by ADV Films; in 2008, it became one of over 30 titles transferred from ADV to Funimation Entertainment.


The story is set up in a region of a fictional world strongly resembling Western Europe during the Interwar period. Wireless communication does not exist nor do fully automatic weapons, and semiautomatic firearms are still technically novel.

A ceasefire ended the long war between the Royal Empire and the Republic of Frost. Three years later, the Empire is still plagued by starvation, pestilence, and soldiers turning into bandits. To aid in the war relief effort, the "Imperial Army State Section III", also known as the Pumpkin Scissors, was established.

The name for the group was an idea from one of its officers, the 2nd Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin. According to her, in their war relief efforts they must face the threat of corrupt people who protect themselves behind lies, power, money and many other layers around them like a pumpkin, and the Section III must act like a pair of scissors cutting through those layers and delivering justice to them.

Considered a waste of resources by some, and just an instrument of propaganda by others, the Pumpkin Scissors still take their duty to assist the country's reconstruction seriously. One day their life starts to change when Randel Oland, a veteran soldier with a mysterious past joins their ranks.

The anime series covers the first five volumes of the manga and part of the sixth one with a few alterations. During the ending of the season one finale, there is a quote suggesting an upcoming season two.

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