Prevention is Better than Cure

‘Prevention is better than cure’ a notion that’s almost told by everyone is to its word. Prevention comprises of two words – Prevent (to make something unable to do) and the suffix tion in the end. Thus, the word prevention is produced. Cure; which means restore or get rid of is mainly used in medical institutes as to prevent any disease from spreading or to heal. Rather than having a cure, prevention is better when we take care of ourselves.

Now days, people are starting to know the value of this notion and are shaping up to it.
The source to be cured comes from the environment. So we’ve got to live in a clean environment and have clean always. Most of the diseases or epidemics are due to the breeding of mosquitoes in the stagnant waters near your locality. So to prevent this breeding we either have to stop water from stagnating or put a few drops of kerosene or oil, to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding. Also most of the diseases are from mosquitoes as they are the carriers of the disease causing micro-organisms. Other means through which diseases are caused are from open food that is later consumed; communicating or residing near an ill person; not maintaining a clean hygiene etc. Measurable steps have to be taken for prevention of these.
I hope that after reading this post you’d have realized how important is it to be cautious of such maladies.

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