Philips GoGear

All right now this post is all about my Mp3, Philips GoGear. It’s a super cool product and I am very happy to have it… Hope you all enjoy it too! And the one I have is actually Philips SA19xx. Well I wasn't able to find much about mine, so here's a summary about another one!
Product summary
The good: The Philips GoGear SA4010 (1GB) and SA4020 (2GB) are stylish, budget MP3 players that fit comfortably in your fist and support Windows Media Player Plays for Sure and WMA DRM10 subscription content.
The bad: The GoGear's monochrome screen is hard to read, and the player lacks competitive features such as FM tuner/recorder, line-in recording, custom EQ, and voice recording-quality settings.
The bottom line: Though the Philips GoGear SA4010 and SA4020 cost $10 to $20 less than their competition, they sacrifice valuable functionality. For those with razor-sharp budgets, this Philips GoGear SA4000 series delivers decent design and basic functions, but consider paying a little more for a much more robust player.
Specifications: Device type: Digital player; Flash memory installed: 1 GB; Digital player supported digital audio standards: WMA, WAV, ADPCM, MP3 etc…

The Philips GoGear SA4010 (1GB) and SA4020 (2GB) don't deliver the most enviable list of features for flash-based MP3 players in their price category, but they do boast a solid, well-designed build that's easy on the eyes and pleasant to hold. But that's where the buck stops. The GoGear SA4000 series barely beats competitors such as the Creative Zen Nano Plus, the MobiBlu Cube DAH-1500i, and the SanDisk Sansa c240 on price, and it does so at the sacrifice of useful features such as an FM tuner.

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