Living For The Day After Tomorrow (Asatte no Houkou)

Also known as "Asatte no Houkou" is about two girls, Karada Iokawa, a little girl, and Shoko Nogami, a lady, are both unhappy with their lives and hope things can change. Karada¡¦s wish to grow older suddenly comes true as both girls¡¦ ages get reversed with Karada having to live on as a grown-up and Shoko as a child. 

Karada Iokawa is a young girl who is to enter junior high school after summer, while Shoko Nogami is a young lady who just returned home from her studies abroad, and a close friend of Karada¡¦s older brother, Hiro. 

While studying together in Boston, Hiro had to leave Shoko to return to Japan for his parents¡¦ funeral. Although he promised to go back to Boston, he eventually wrote to inform Shoko that he would not return without offering any reason. When Shoko returns, Karada takes her to meet with Hiro and other friends, but Shoko being still irritated, intentionally criticizes Karada as being childish. 

Very unhappy, Karada then prays that she can grow up, and her wish miraculously comes true and she is transformed into a young woman. On the other hand, Shoko is transformed into an 11 year old. 

What will do they do? How will they live their lives now?

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