Darker Than Black, Review!

Hey! Guess what? My 3rd favorite anime is now Darker Than Black! Well first is Cardcaptor Sakura, the xxxHOLiC and now it’s Darker Than Black! It comes every Tuesday between 8-9pm and 12-1am(repeat) in Animax (India). It was started in Animax from 30th December 2008 and still continues. The opening song is HOWLING by the Abingdon Boys School. This song was released in the year 2007(and I guess this was when Darker Than Black was also released.). HOWLING’s original time length is
4 min: 45 sec but in the opening of this anime I guess it’s shortened to somewhere about 1 min: 30 sec. And I’ve got no idea about the ending, sorry! Well I guess the basis of this anime is done, so I’ll move on to the story and the characters (on my perspective).

10 years have passed in Japan, when the contractors had first arrived and Hell’s gate was opened. Contractors, these people have special powers like control over gravity, electricity, fire, creating vacuums, storms etc. But a payment has to be done i.e. whenever they use their powers assigned by their contract. Sometimes the payment is feeble and sometimes it’s worse. Hell’s gate, is were all the worst of the worst contractors reside, is actually a wall very big… such that normal human won’t cross it. There are dolls too who’s powers are like able to see one end from another end through any element or object only if that same object is there in the other end. Right after the contactors had arrived and Hell's gate was opened, all the ‘real stars’ had gone and was replaced with fake one’s. Hmmm… I guess this much should be enough for the story.

The main character of this anime is Shan Shung Li (BK201; Hei), an migrant from China who’s come to live in Japan. The real thing is that even he’s a contractor too, and that’s when the police call him BK201. He uses a mask to cover his face and usually does his work in the nights. He and his friends (a contractor, a talking cat and a doll) do the work together by taking each other’s help and ability. The police officer Ms. Kirihara does her job by going after the contractors.
Well I guess that’s it then. See you later with my next blogpost!

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