The Wait...

Whenever I look at you
I get lost in those dreamy eyes-
A trance from which I'll never come out
I really wish to ruffle your raven black hair too,
But they’re never real,
And so they are as mirages in my realm.
Hearing your soft voice,
Soothes my soul
And makes all the pain
Go away at once.
And that smile of yours
Makes me to smile even more.
This is what I always wish when I see you.
These are my feelings for you,
Though I wonder if you share the same too,
And for that I'll wait, till my last breath…


Thinking of that place fills me with joy.
Basking in the hot sun,
With a lemonade to sip by,
Reminds me of all the never-ending joy!

Clearing the stables
And feeding the ducks
And watching them squabble over the feed,
Makes me to sit and gaze at them all day long!

No one can miss the fun part though!
Walking in the long fields of heather
Without anyone around
And the atmosphere serine,
With not a single crow crowing-
It’s just the perfect place for me!

And of course! The Family!
It’s always fun loving and happy!
Having supper together,
And chatting about the countryside.
It all feels just like one place
Where people’d love to go and live…

I really wish that my home was in the countryside. It'd be so much fun! I get to be in total sync with nature and I really love that! I really like the farms and the long grasslands. In this poem I've pictured myself in some far-off farm in Europe-where most of Enid Blyton's 'farm related stories' were written. And I like Enid Blyton too!^_^

Friends Again?

The day was sunny
But my face looked gloomy
Saddened from yesterday’s tears,
Of what you’d done before.
They say to move on
And forget about the past.
But no matter how much I’d tried,
I couldn’t erase you from my veins.
All the days I’d spent with you,
And all the smiles we shared.
I know that I’d hurt you
And you know I hate to see you torn apart.
I don’t want to be your stalker,
But yes, I’d love to be your friend again…

Christmas Moon Magic

It was Christmas’ eve
And I was strolling in the garden.
Everything looked at peace,
Except for a winter’s plant.
Though it should have bloomed long ago,
And should’ve filled my heart with joy,
It never did.
I knelt down towards it
And whistled a soft sad tune,
Hoping that it would revive it.
But it remained rooted
With all leaves and an unveiled bud.
I sighed and looked up at the night sky.
The moon seemed strangely bright that day
And I joined my hands and made a wish-
‘Rather than presents for this Christmas,
Can you please bloom this bud,
Once and for all?’
I left with the silvery light
Pouring all over the garden and the unraveled.
The next day was Christmas.
I hurried to the garden
Hoping that what I’d wished for
Wouldn’t have happened,
Because there’s never such a thing as moon magic.
And that was before I saw the plant.
And then I believed in it.
For in place of the bud,
A violet flower had bloomed.
And my heart missed a beat as I saw it.
Then I looked up at the dawned sky
Where the moon had made my wish the other night.

Shh… I'm a Secret Santa!

I'm all in red.
With the white to snow,
I look old and fragile
But am really plumpy and happy!
I say 'Hei Ho' over Rudolph when I'm in sky.
And always drop presents for you
through your chimney.
I'm Santa Clause.

Wow! Today was so really amazing diary! I got a gift from a Secret Santa! And I shouldn’t open it today, but on 25th December I should!! So I guess I'll be waiting for Christmas’ countdown! Anyway with me telling you all this stuff about Secret Santa, I'm sure that you’d be wondering what is a Secret Santa!
Well Secret Santa is a game, which the girls of our class had played. The rules are simple. The name of all the people you’re playing with should be written in chits (small pieces of paper) and each person should take one. However you shouldn’t get your own name, even if you do you should then shuffle the shits again and pick one. And after getting the chit you shouldn’t tell anyone which person’s name you got or even ask anyone about the chit with you’re name. It has to be a complete secret. And after that you should buy a gift for that person below Rs. 50/- and keep it in his/her bag when he/she is not in the class – without their knowledge. And when they open their bags a big surprise will await them and who-so-ever was their secret Santa ought to be trying hard to hide away the smile of happiness! Oh! And by the way diary you also have to be clever to not to slip out any clues like showing your gift or anything bleak, which could give the game away!
Fun right? ^_^ Anyway the girl to whom I’d to give the gift today, was absent so I couldn’t. But still, I was happy when I got mine!! ^_^

Tears For You ~ From Me...

As my head hit the pillows,
My eyes closed.
Don’t haste with thee thoughts,
For they weren’t even sleep.
But were the moist because of you.

Tears fell as I thought about you.
And the more they fell,
The more you drifted away from me.

I cried as much as I could,
But wept slowly so as not to bother the rest.
I cried the whole night,
Without your soothing hand, the whole time.

I cried so that you won’t forget me.
I cried so that you’d remember me.

I shed my tears in sadness,
‘Cause I knew that from now on,
The more I’d love you,
The more you’d hate me.


The Story of a Vine…

Slender and thin,
You crawl in the walls I dwell.
The way you are now,
Is because of the care I’d given you then.
Long and swirly you’ve carved your path,
With the little support you had from the start.
Twice the winged came and raised its breath,
And you protected it from harm
Until it found its earth.
Even today your sentinels guard you,
As you curl and wither day by day.
But still you cradle your seedling with care,
So that they’ll become even better
When you’re not there.
You let your vines hand in beauty
And die in mortality,
As you grow elegant with every passing minute.
People call you by trade,
But that’s not what God has made.
Your shaped symmetrical,
With the shades of lust, peace and even friendship.
No matter how much I age,
You’ll always be you-
Forever fresh and new.


Dew and Tears

The fog hung like a heavy curtain,
Blinding ones' view of the fresh garden in the morning.
Not a single sound was noted,
Except for the crickets’ and grasshoppers.
Rest of the nature was yet to awake,
To see the whole new world once again.
The dampened grass made an impression
As I plodded on it.
Walking in that blur silence,
Cleared my mind and filled my heart with joy.
But still, I hadn’t reached my destination.
As the rays pierced the horizon,
I stood still to capture the beauty of it.
The sight was worth a billion,
As nature had sprung up with,
Another of its manifestations,
Leaving me to gape in awe.
The fog vaporized and everything crystallized.
But the little dewdrops still clung on,
And as they hung from a spider’s web-
It looked like a priceless diamond necklace,
In God’s garden of dew.
The wind rustled amongst the leaves,
And the dew fell.
As I strained to hear their sound,
It felt like the tears of a hound,
Whose blood and fangs were ripped apart,
In the battle for brotherhood.

Sleep: Dreams & Nightmares

This poem talks about sleep and the two doors we open when we're asleep-Dreams & Nightmares
Your hands are holding your face,
And you’re eyes are droopy.
A sweet lullaby sings in your head,
Whispering you to close your eyes.
Your chances are of vain,
As your eyes finally drop,
And you’re mind drifts far away

You then enter the realm of your imaginations,
Where your mirages are met.
Your swift as the mind’s vast
And you see everything in a split.
You’re in your own oblivion,
Where you face the light and love,
And defend the dark and sorrow.
Anything can happen in this world you rule,
Where spirits come alive in your heart’s desire.

Sometimes a wrath comes by,
And gives you an unpleasant dream.
You try and you hide,
But it’s still behind you,
As loyal as it followed you in the day.
Even though you know,
That you can never get away from it,
You’re still it’s creator-
And it’s still in your world.
‘Snap!’ You open your mind and rub your eyes,
And proceed with life - like nothing’d happened ever before.

The Mansion

All around you,
Everything was dark and eerie.
The streets were silent,
And the trees didn’t sway.
Nothing happened until,
The moon made its way.

At once the gates opened,
And an archway of roses and thorns-
Aged over time,
Brightened the way.

Along your path,
Everything lay dead.
Yet, I seemed to be the only soul,
Making my way ahead.

All over you were intricate patterns
Of sadness, anger and raging fights.
They made my stomach lurch,
And my sight to hurt.

Hope fled and fear clung,
When I saw the tall portraits,
Glaring down at me.
Their eyes were blood-shot,
And their faces were grim,
Which showed how great,
Your owners were at once.

Your fireplace was chocked with ashes,
And your mantelpiece was rusty.
Your stairs creaked with might,
And the ticking clock seemed far away.

Though your backyard was lively,
And showed signs of life,
Everything looked so mystical in the moonlight,
As the sweet jasmine scent filled the night.

As I closed my eyes to take it all in,
I went back in time,
And saw your whole history-
In the sunshine you were the glory,
And in the night you were the doom.

And when I opened my eyes,
I realized that I’d released you from the curse,
Which had befallen over you,
Thousands of years ago.

Minutes went by…
And everything looked different.
The whole place shimmered with fireflies.
And I realized that the souls,
Of your brethren were at peace at last.


How My First Tooth Fell

The Following Post is a Guest Post for Guria's Blog.

Everyone likes to share their experiences as well as their past. And I love to do so too! ^_^
I don’t know why, but I always seem to remember the things that always happen first. As a matter of fact I even remember how my first tooth fell, and how my second tooth fell too! Here’s what happened.

The day when it fell was a Sunday. I was in (Place Private). My mom was dying her hair and I was in the second grade (2002). I don’t remember the date though and I don’t know whether my dad was at home or whether he was on a tour. Anyway, I was drawing a picture, which I called it the ‘kids ship’, (those days I loved to draw and color) though I don’t know where it is now. But I think maybe my mom might know where it is. I was sitting in the diwan and I was coloring that picture. I used go to the washbasin mirror from time to time, to check on my tooth. I used to stand on my toes to see the teeth in the mirror because I wasn’t tall enough to see it ‘simply’. And at the same time, when I used to color the picture I used to shake that ‘going to fall’ teeth with my tongue, so that I can get it quickly as I was the only girl in the class whose first tooth still hadn’t fallen! And the suddenly when I was coloring and shaking that teeth, it broke! I rushed to the basin and asked my mom to move aside and then I took out my first tooth! :D It was an incisor (from the down) and I rinsed my mouth thoroughly to get the blood out of my mouth. Then my mom asked me to tell ‘Fish’. I said it. But the syllable ‘sh’ was pronounced as ‘shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ with a slight whistle. So on the whole I said fish as ‘fishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’, with a slight whistle. And that was also the first time I whistled.
And want to know how my second tooth fell? Well I don’t know the day or date or time or even which class, but it fell when I was sleeping in the night! :D And when I woke up the next day, another incisor gap was there next to my first gap and the I realized that I must have swallowed that tooth in my sleep. Funny right? XD


A New Beginning...

The night was cold and bitter.
The frost bit my fingers.
I felt so cold and numb,
And I knew that I was totally paralyzed.

The wraps didn’t protect me,
And my eyes just wouldn’t close.
My lashes were frozen,
My cheeks lifeless;
And my dreams were hit by a blizzard.
I tried hard, but I lay dead.

Slowly the skies cleared,
And a golden light filled the grey.
Everything felt warm and nice.
My wraps boiled,
And my lashes battered.
My cheeks were rosy,
And my body moved.

My dreams hibernated,
Till the silvery light arose.
Unlike the vampire
I left the shades,
And rejoiced the heavenly
Light descending over me.

The chirping of the birds,
The unraveling of the leaves,
The snore of the nocturnal,
And the movement of the waves,
All gave the perfect image of
A New Beginning …


Life’s Sadness

Such a sad thing this is,
This feeling of loneliness.
Being abandoned by the ones we cared,
All just for the little fight we had.
At once that red string is cut,
And hopelessly we roam lonely.
Searching for that friendship of the past,
We wish to see the same in our path.
But Fate has her own play,
And diminishes such a cast.
Accepting her decision, we search for a different,
And succeed in nothing.
When all hope is lost,
A thought for the past lingers by.
A quote that made us cry
For the first time, even though we didn’t try.
Happy moments are short lived”.
And then we realize that,
Our happy moments had lived and past by.


The Rainbow

The sky was grey with clouds,
That hung heavy and dark up above.
Their droplets gushed through the abandon,
And formed a thin blue ribbon.

A golden beam peeped through the grey,
And made it’s way.
At once the beam and droplet met,
No one ever knew what happened next.

But in their détente*
Sprang out an arch,
That spread over the sky,
With seven magnificent colors
That met everyone’s eye.

But when the rain gave up
And the sun shone
All the colorful tones
Vanished in a trice.

* détente: [day-tahnt] – An easing of tension between two nations.


Big Blue Sea

I flow beyond time
Age and sacrifice are lest suffice.
My surface sparkles in the light
And is the doom in the night.
I harbor the sharp canines
That pierces through the fragile
In the heavy dew.
My sound is booming
But it’s very pleasing for you.
I shake the land
And bring down the strong mounts
Sometimes I swallow in masses
And sometimes I create new.
But you can never know
What I will do next,
Because I'm the unpredictable big blue sea.


My Very First!!

Phew! I finally got Ps, though it's a trial version and is only for 30 days. But still! I got it! Anyway, here's my very first Ps Work! ^_^
Ok, I want you all to find me even something more. In this picture, there is something very very popular and I want to guys to notice, what it is.
P.S: I know the work is bad, but it's my first one and I tell you, it will get even better! :)


Damn the City!

The other day I went out with my mom to buy a present for dad. Usually I never go out and never observe. But today was different, I just started to open my eyes and look around and found some real irritating and sick sights!

First off my mom kind of didn’t know the address of Croma, so we got of at a place a bit far from that and had to cross roads when, there was a zebra crossing. And the sick part here is that, there was a barricade covering the other end, disabling us to cross the road. If this is the case then why the zebra crossing!

Nothing wired was there at the Croma shop. Though, it was the roads and the hawkers that was sick! Then I had to buy some stationary items like pen and other stuff, so my mom and I entered the shop. The keeper was really irritating because, after every order he took he went off to some other customers and took their WHOLE orders while ours was just like 50-50!
Later in that same shop another big show-off man came and looked in a hurry. So he got some stuff for Rs.615/- and was bargaining the amount for that! I mean I’d never seen anyone bargain at a stationary shop for that! The shopkeeper said he’s lease the amount for 575. But that haughty guy just threw a 500-rupee note and he started to walk off! I was like- What the HELL!!! He Crazy-Lunatic or what! But the shop keeper again bargained and got 550! I was so pissed off and irritated that I didn’t even hear my mom calling out for me to go!
Man sometimes, cities can be such a pain in the neck too!!! X((


Clouds Of The Sky

Oh! My dear clouds of the sky
How dreamy and wonderful you are
When looked upon.
You’re the unpredictable shape shifter of the sky
That always catches my eye.
You’re the shelter for many a thing,
Souls, stars and all the biggie things.
You carry the wind, rain, snow and sunshine
For a whole year along.
Your wind blows the maple leaves,
Your rain, washes away the guilt,
Your snow is the pearl of the land
And your sunshine is the sparkling stone.
Never had I seen anything blue
No, not even the forget-me-knots can match you
For your one of a kind.
Your vast like the never-ending time
And nothing can be more mesmerizing than you!


Silence Of The Breaking Dawn

Sitting beside the river bank
Before the golden rays pierce the horizon
I sigh in happiness and relief
For nothing’s been more breathtaking than this.
The mist hangs like the oblivion
Dampening a spider’s web
And forming a necklace of dew.
All around it’s silent and eerie
With no soul to be seen for an eye’s view.
I ponder silently
For there is no one with me
To view this magnificent site
As I sit alone.
All my sadness drown away
When I see the sun making it’s way.


Just For You

I keep waiting for you,
But you never come.
I feel lonely without you,
Like a firefly without it’s fire.
My smile and happiness are fading away.
And as I wait for your return,
My faith in you is fading.
No matter how much I wait for you
I know that you will never come.
Now and then; again and always

The day you left me
Was tragic and painful,
Filled with sorrow.
I wondered if you would be happy
With or without me
Or whether you would be sad.
But you still didn’t tell me how you felt,
And that has left a hollow in my heart
But, no matter where you are
Never feel sad because,
When you think of all the things
I did just for you,
You’ll smile like you had never before.

Without you I feel lost.
And when I look up at the sky and then at the moon,
I wonder if you’re thinking of me.
And I know I'll never be free
Without you beside me.
So, here I am stuck in this mist
Seeking for you in my memories.

P.S: Happy Halloween Guys!:D


Tagged! :D

Hey, hey hey! This is the first time I've ever been tagged! :) And I really must thank Sammy for that! (Thank You!) Well after all the tagging I've seen in blogs, I guess I've to answer SOME* questions and pass on to other people whom I'd like to be Tagged!^_^
*By indicating some, I Really mean it as some, because, I'm just a little girl and I don't think those questions mean a thing to me! X)


RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes , delete mine and type in your answers and tag your friends to answer this.

Ever told a lie? Guilty
Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent.
Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty.
Held a snake? Innocent.
Been suspended from school? Innocent.
Stolen from a store? Innocent.
Done something you regret? Innocent.
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent.
Kissed in the rain? Innocent.
Sat on a roof top? Innocent.
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent.
Have/had a tattoo? Innocent.
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty.
Been too honest? Innocent.
Ruined a surprise? Innocent.
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Innocent.
Erased someone in your friends list? Innocent.
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Innocent.
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty.

Well I guess those many questions should do for me! :) And now the fun part, Tagging!:)
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I Guess that should do it, and if I'd missed anyone-I'm realllllly sorry then! :)

Recitals Of My Life:: Let It All Out

Recitals Of My Life:: Let It All Out
Let it all out
Let it all out
All this anger of the past
Let it all out

Let us go on
Let us walk on
Walk along this bright present
Into our destined path
Let us walk on

Let me take you
Let me show you
The happiness we used to share
Amongst the flowers of summer air
Let me show you

And, let it all out
Let it all out
All this anger of the past
That keeps on stopping you
Let it all out

Let me see it
Let me see it
Oh! The smile you showed me that you cared
Which brought back memories that once I had
Let me just see it once again…

And let it all out
Let it all out
All this anger of the past
So that I can see your smile
For which I’ve waited all this while
Let it all out
Let it all out
Let it all… out…

'This is the third piece of my collection Recitals of my Life.
I actually played this song in my guitar-in an armature's way, because I still haven't preached any guitar classes. So I just strummed the tune of the song to it. And only Navya has the link to that song. And Navya, no PUBLISHING! Trust me, you WON'T want me to be singing!X('

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Lights on!

Lights on for it's BLASTING TIME! It's Diwali! Diwali is known as the festival of lights. It's the celebration of the return of Rama from Lanka, after defeating Ravana. It is the victory of good over evil. And so to dispel the darkness of the night, people light the night with diyas and bonfires.
And the neighbors and relatives greet each other and give sweets.
>>>>@-#$^&?<<<< Woah! Wait You guys think I'm gonna be typing pages and pages about Diwali? Well, I really want to, but this time, I'm going to tell you about the new stuff that has been brought up for Diwali. One of them is the new Vodafone Video for Diwali. I watched it the other day in YouTube and it was hilarious plus amazing! And now it's time you guys see and enjoy it too!^_^

My Acronym

Well, just the other day I was browsing Facebook Applications, and I came across one called the 'Name Acronym'. I never really can get my names' on my own because, I know only a limited set of adjectives to describe me. Anyway I got my Acronym as...


That's my full name! Why yes sir, except for the initial 'H' (which I didn't add) in between Tharangni and Siavji! XD

Dancing Shadows

I'm outside.
On such a calm night,
Wondering what it’d be like,
To be a part of this nighty life.
With trees shushing,
And leaves swaying,
Urging me to be a part of their gratification.
The cool night breeze
Rustles and plays with the leaves,
And their shadows join the play.
Vividly they dance,
To the tune of the wind.
Glancing at them,
They look like nothing but just
The dancing shadows of the night.

'Whenever I read this poem, it reminds me of sitting in the terrace or at the balcony and enjoying the night with nature'

Without The Moon

This is so nice
For there’s been nothing
Like this in my life
With stars shining
And clouds moving
But all of this is without
The sight of moonlight
The stars twinkle
Like the idea of the simple
Thought of living peacefully
Amongst the nightlings* longingly
And believing in our dreams
But all of this is without
The sight of moonlight…

*Nightling(s): Nightlings are the creatures of the night and they rule by the night. They serve the kai lord. In the past nightlings and humans used to live in harmony. But after the war between them, the idea of living peacefully is just a mirage.

P.S: I first wrote this poem, i.e. the first seven lines when I was in the 6th grade. I found the book in which I wrote this poem and I just finished the poem! ^_^


Although scientists have become involved in the search for Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu, the situation of Avalon was somewhat different. The descriptions of the place make it clear that its world belonged exclusively to the realm of legend.
According to Arthurian legend, Avalon (or Avalun or Ynis Avalach, broadly translatable as “Island of the Apples”) is a place that lies in another world. A more precise description of that world is not possible because various authors’ portrayals vary so widely. It is clearly a mystical, unreal and otherworldly place, like that of a dream, but a dream in which the decisions one makes can have a bearing on reality. Otherworldly places are often tied to places that really exist. Likewise, Avalon is said to be located in the country of Somerset, is associated with Glastonbury Abbey. According to legend, this legend goes back to Joseph of Arimathia or one of his relatives, who brought the Holy Grail back to England or Wales from Israel.
Only a small circle of people were able to enter Avalon. In addition to its female ruler, Morgan Le Fay, and her eight sisters, its only inhabitant were the servants who lived in the Maiden House and Merlin, who is sometimes equated with the bard Taliesin.
The legend describes the way to Avalon. One travels over water in barbeque, but first has to learn how to summon the barbeque and its crew. Only Avalon’s inhabitants knew the land road, which never appears in descriptions, although it is said that people discover this secret path by mistake. Cloud cover is another precondition for reaching Avalon, which cannot be entered in clear weather. Those who try to enter on a sunny day find themselves in Glastonbury Abbey, instead.
It is sometimes said that the island is hidden beneath the water’s surface, with the clouds or mist representing the gateway between the earth’s surface and the dump underworld. Avalon itself is a peaceful healing island, where neither rain, hail nor snow can fall. Morgan Le Fay and her sisters are said to possess certain healing powers, which is why, with the help of ferryman Barinthus, they can bring the wounded to Avalon for a short time, traveling along the secret path.
King Arthur also came to the island through this way. According to Arthurian legend, after his final battle, the Battle of Camlann, the mortally wounded king – in some sources he was already dead – was brought to the island by three otherworldly priestesses and laid him there on a golden bed. His fate after that is unknown. For centuries afterward, legend still maintained that the king, either healed or resurrected would one day return. Thus it was believed that the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa (ca. 1122 – 1190) was Arthur reborn,
With the description of the road leading to Avalon so imprecise and given the characteristics assigned by it no one can tell if it’s a product of fantasy or reality. But still people after hearing all these stories and tales about Avalon, can one conclude that it is real?

The Velvet Casket...

Sorry about posting late guys. I didn't get the net connection for a while. Anyway this is another entry from my Diary! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Today morning my brother came form Chennai to stay here during his study holidays. He had to go to Chennai to study in college. Over there he stays in a hostel. When he came back here there was no difference. He came, played with dog for a while, watched Hancock as he had his breakfast and then he went back to his same old college days-sat in the computer. Even as I type now he is sitting there and is browsing the net. Anyway since our family is the only one staying away form all the relatives in Chennai and whenever any of them come here, they’ll come with gifts for all of us.

And this time when my bro came from there, I got the Velvet Casket. It’s a real masterpiece. It was velvety all over and had a silky base and its insides were silky too. It was sealed with a golden thread around its ‘button’. It’s one of all the best caskets I ever have! It is black and has a big elephant carnated with glitters and beads. When opened it gives you the feeling of a royal person. Inside it’s filled with ‘jewels*’, very precious ones too. Right now inside it there are three things, three very beautiful and dazzling things. And all these I got from I cousins in Chennai and I thank then very much for it! :) Well from my uncle I got a stunning blue-jeweled and blue-studded key chain in the form of a tiny purse. Then my aunt gave me two other things. A green beaded bracelet with silver rings between every alternate bead and a silver chain with a dollar studded with gold and white stones. All of them in it were a real sight! That casket is going to be my treasure box with all my goodies in it! :)

*Jewels: See the pictures, plus the box is getting filled up with more n more 'precious-ies'

The Real Inner Me

This was a post suggested by Sourav after I was searching and thinking of what post to make.

All I can tell is that by looking at the outside of me, you all might think of me as a geek or a nerd. Or even someone who doesn’t eat food properly. (Because I wear glasses-now lenses and I am real thin!) Many of my friends especially Navya, tell that I am a big geek! I really don’t know why! I mean I never looked at me at that way, a way of a geek! They say that because I read a lot of books and I literally can’t live without them. Once there was a time when I was so bored and I’d read almost every book in my house and then I saw Malgudi Days and I started to read it. I was reading it for the first time after I bought it for after 2 yrs. In the end it turned out to a good book. In school I’ve to be absent now a days all thanks to my bro! So I end up sitting in the class before recess and before the assembly completing notes. And seeing this Docks says that I am a big geek and a big nerd! All I want is to tell that that I want to me sincere! In my old school when I used to be absent, I always have this goal of finishing the work in that day! Be it even a meter long record observation, by writing speeds up according to my will. So I try to do that even here, and all I get is some evil criticism!

Anyway when people tell stuff like I am a geek or a nerd I’m starting to take it ‘light’. Previously when people used to tell me like that they will see my temper and will stay away from me for a few days, but now I think all of that is to change. When they say that I am a geek or a nerd I pip up with this reply, ‘OK! Anything else that I don’t know?’ And that shuts them up! I am really glad that I am changing! Anyway I do have something that most of my friends don’t, I’m good at sports! I get selected for competitions and I always try my best there! Though the only thing that I’d love to hear from my school when I am out there competing is their cheer! I love it when people cheer for me! It gives me more will and I try even better and harder! But sadly I am not that popular in school, so I hardly get those! :P

55 Word Fiction: The Sinner

‘Ready, Set, Go!’
‘BANG!’ Went off the pistol. And her playmates ran.
They ran fast, for the last one will be shot.
It was a game the princess played with
Her dolls, her people…
She loved killing. She loved the gun.
The last person lagging behind was an infirm.
‘BANG!’ she shot her father, ruthlessly…

Killing isn’t something new in today’s world. It’s something very common just like sleeping and eating and it doesn’t make any difference at all in the society. It creates nothing but hatred and fear. Some news channels agree with the fact that fighting and violence leads to revolution. But all I know is that, this violence will cause nothing but bloodshed and a horrible past for the future…

10 things on my Wish List!

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

Well just like any other normal girl, this is my wish list! :)

  • I wish I could get up late in the mornings so that I won’t be there when mom/dad are at home since they wish to give me meter long chores on holidays!
  • Have a breakfast of my own choice-eggs and bread rather than Idly or any other food with Dosa as an exception.
  • Erase DAL from existence as mom always gives that for lunch and it tastes truly horrible!->I’ve been having that like for…6 yrs! So I know the experience my tongue went through!
  • Wish to carry laptops or student pad instead of books, textbooks, pens etc to school!
  • Wish that my eyesight would reduce soon so that I wouldn’t have to wear specs or even get tortured by my mom to wear lenses when I don’t want to wear them!
  • Wish my hair would remain short forever rather than having to grow it and would also be happy if my mom wouldn’t be complaining about growing and breaking promises of having it cut!
  • Wish I had the Animax Mobile.
  • Wish I could go on listening to the latest music releases and had the latest movies and music releases CDs at my doorstep!
  • Wish I could go to the Indus Valley Civilization and decipher the language of the Indus before anyone can!
  • I wish I had unlimited net and download speed; had my own laptop and would be allowed to sit in it for hours and study and score good marks at the same time.
Wish 10 wishes and you will get an extra wish! :P
  • I wish I had THE most amazing blog ever with the most amazing template!
Well, this is just a fraction of what's on my wish list. I mean after all everyone has endless desires and needs. When they get/have one, they’ll even want more! And I agree with that! So there’s never a full stop to anyone’s wish list and they’re always persistent to go and get their wishes granted!

Why I Write

This is another page from my Journal which I also call my Diary...
Sunday, 20th Sep,’09
Dear Diary,
Diary I don’t know what you think when all your pages are written by me and are filled with my DNA. But I don’t do things just for the sake of doing. I do it for a purpose. After all everything in life, which is meant to, happens for a reason. The same way writing in you is also meant for a reason. Do you know something Diary? Unlike all the other people out there, you’re someone whom I can share secrets with and of all you’re faithful and loyal, as you never leak of them. You’re one God Damn friend other than Docks! You see Diary, no matter what I write in you, be it anything happy/sad/criticizing or even if I
were to be hurting you, you still take it all in without any regrets or sadness or any feeling of remorse. You’re one solid-brick mate than any person can have! Anyway you still might be wondering why I write down almost everything in you. Be it anything that happens in school or anything about him, you still might wonder why? Well you see Diary I was fond of writing right from my 6th grade as my English teacher for writing a story once appreciated me and she made me to read it out to the whole class! And that was when I started to write seriously. Soon I came to Hyd. As my dad got transferred the apartment in which I live is really non-existent because there is no one to play with and I literally hate all the kids here! They’re all real bossy! So since I’m not good at drawing or any other creative stuff, I took up reading. Eventually I made up this habit of writing whatever came to my head or whatever peculiar feeling I felt that particular moment. So that’s how I ended up writing. To me writing is much better than anything besides reading as I can store stuff immediately in my head and I find it quite easy to interpret it in words. So now I guess you’d basically have understood that I write because that’s what gives me comfort and puts me in peace. Or can I just say that… I write to live?

Few Stuff I learnt From Reading Story Books…

Well as you all know that I am a big bookworm and I practically cannot live without them, I do learn some stuff from them. It’s not that I read books just for the pleasure of reading them or just to be liked calling a ‘Bookworm’ (Though I do), I read to learn…
Well anyway I love to read mainly adulterated books written by Christopher Pike, Francine Pascal and many other authors because it involves a lot of murder, thrill and stirs up the mystery feeling.
Well a few things I learnt are:
1. For the people who consume alcohol for the first time they’ll feel like rats are running in their stomachs. They’ll feel like puking and their head will be throbbing, they’ll feel dizzy plus they’ll have a bad breath. >>So never get alcoholic!
2. Never think less of your twin if you have one, because she’ll always be there for you and will readily do anything for you.
3. Vampires are really dangerous. They kind of have eternal living and can never die, until something is pierced through their heart. All sorts of Garlic/holy water/fire or anything is of no use on then as they have incredible healing powers. They feast blood especially if it’s another vampire’s. They hate the sun.
4. If you’re ever on drugs and need to get over the addiction then you need to befriend a genetic freak who could release you form the addiction.
And well there are really a lot more! But I’m just not able to get it out of my head! :'(
So, this is all I can bring out!
Enjoy! :)

55 Word Fiction: His Song

This one is another 55-word fiction and it looks like I’m quite addictive to it. I almost like write one ever alternate day in my diary. It’s so simple and easy and fun that it really dissolves the writers’ mind and of course put a limit to his imagination with the ’55 words only’ rule! But all the same it’s fun! ^_^

I gazed at the moon longingly. Faraway I could hear the nightingales’ song and the rustling of leaves. The moon shimmered in the lake’s reflection. I smiled and at that moment I could only think of him and his black dreamy eyes. I wished I could be with him and then I sand his song.

Recitals Of My Life:: Invisible Wall [You]

Invisible Wall[You]

You ring me up
And I ask ‘who is it?’
You say it’s your best friend
But I wonder if you’re really a friend at all…
You ask me to come out to hang out with your friends…
You say that we will have fun
So I pop out of the house
Hopping along the street
Waiting for you…
Then I see you-
You’re out there
Standing amongst your friends
You aren’t even bothered if I am there
You wag your little finger asking me to come across the street
Then you leave me…
You don’t even care if I am there
I’m like an invisible wall
You don’t even see me
You don’t even hear me
You’re lost in heaven with your lover
And forgot about your best friend…
I’m an invisible wall

Trotting beside you
You have your arms linked with your lover
And that’s when I wonder why you even called me
I ponder, ponder, ponder
When I see you sitting alone
I sit beside you, when you cry on my shoulder
And I realize it was him.
I let you cry on my shoulder
I take you to your house
I tell that everything will be alright
My soft side resides over you…
But I know,
You still don’t see me
You’re still heartless
You still don’t hear me
You’re still thinking about him
And yet you forget about your best friend…
‘Cause I’m an invisible wall

55 Fiction Story: The First Novel

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. The origin of 55 Fiction can be traced to a short story writing contest organized by New Times, an independent alternative weekly in San Luis Obispo, California, in 1987. The idea was proposed by New Times founder and publisher Steve Moss. New Times, while often mistakenly believed to be part of the New Times chain of papers, is actually part of the smaller, San Luis Obispo-county based New Times Media Group, which also owns the Santa Maria Sun.

The First Novel
As the sun crested the horizon John sipped coffee from a ceramic mug his son had given him years ago. John would never again sit in rush hour, cursing his travel mug and the traffic…
If only he could pin down the story floating in his head. Picking up his pen, John began to write.

InuYasha | The Final Act

Coming five years after the original animation series ended in Japan, the brand new series "InuYasha The Final Act" concludes the adventures of the half demon InuYasha and time-travelling high school student Kagome, as they quest through mystical feudal Japan to collect the shattered shards of a jewel that grants its user unimaginable power.

The television channel Animax has announced that it will premiere the 26-episode Inuyasha: The Final Act anime series across Asia on October 10 — one week after the Japanese premiere on October 3. Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and South Asia will premiere the anime on that day at 8:00 p.m., while WIB will start the anime at 7:00 p.m. Hong Kong will run the series at 7:30 p.m., and Taiwan will debut it at 11:30 p.m.

Inuyasha: The Final Act continues beyond where the first anime series ended and adapts the story from the final 21 compiled book volumes of Rumiko Takahashi's original manga. (Takahashi had ended the manga in the Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in June of 2008.) The original staff and cast will reunite for the new anime adaptation, and the musical acts Do as Infinity and AAA will perform the "Kimi ga Inai Mirai" ("A Future Without You") opening theme song and the "With you" ending theme song, respectively. The North American distributor Viz Media announced at Comic-Con International in July that it acquired the rights to Inuyasha: The Final Act.