My Favorite Anime And Music( You Ought To check It Out)

Hi, this is me... you all know who right...?(Schrei)... the rocking master of this blog...!!! Ahemm... well I'm sure that you'd have realized it by now itself on what I'm writing this blog. That's right... it's on one of my top favs. anime and music. As many of you people like a lot of anime and music... well what I believe about me is that I've got a unique taste for then both. I watch a lot of anime shows both at telly and youtube too... well along with that I listen to some rocking ENGLISH ARTISTS ONLY....!!!! PUHLEEEEZ DON'T GET ME MISTAKEN FOR ANY OTHER LANGUAGE BESIDES SOUTH EAST ASIA AND CHINESE AND JAPANESE...!!!AND OH! OF COURSE ENGLISH TOO...!!! In anime I watch any language if it's a language, which I don’t know... then I prefer watching it with subs/dubs. I mean what else can you get from from an average 13 yr old...!!!!

In anime I love a lot of anime that is mostly filled with action, mystery, adventure, fantasy etc. My all time favorite anime includes- Cardcaptor Sakura(who is extremely cute...!), Inuyasha, Slam Dunk, Initial D, xxxHOLiC(you ought to've known it from my recent blog post on holic), Prince Of Tennis, Ranma½, Jigoku Shouju- The Girl From Hell, Hamtaro, Kyo Kara Maoh!, Get Backers, Air Gear, Ayakashi, Law Of Ueki, Shonen Onmyoji, Sergent Keroro(I love the whole crew), Suzumiya Haruhi, Angeliic Serenade, Sister Princess............ Oh well to be frank my list goes on and on... can't stop them...

Like before in anime... I really love music... And my favorite artists are- Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Sum 41, Linkin Park, Teriyaki Boyz, Simple Plan, The Click 5, Taio Cruz, Eminem, Shakira, System Of A Down, Backstreet Boys, Daddy Yankee, Britney Spears, Westlife, Blue, Story Of The Year and many more... I really love to watch all the vedios of these songs and of all I really love- Avril, Green Day, Simple Plan and The Click 5.

And oh yeah I'm also good at making AMVs... You can check out my latest one's at:

See ya all in my next blog... Till then bye...

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