How To Make An AMV?

Hey guys… I’m sure you’d all have been waiting on what’d my next blog be… hmm let me tell you that is blog is going to be " HOW D’YOU MAKE AN AMV? "An AMV stands for- A Made Video. This blog is all going to be based on that. What kind of software you need to do that, your equipments required… etc etc…
The basic software you need to make it is either Windows XP (Home Edition) or Windows Vista. Follow the steps said below:
Click the Start Menu.
1.If Windows XP, then slide the mouse over to All Programs. Then you’ll see an icon saying "Windows Movie Maker". Click that icon.
2.If Windows Vista, then in the search tool in the start menu, type "Windows Movie Maker". An icon will come click that.
3.After opening the same functions will be done in both the soft wares.
The functions are as follows:
1.First drag/import some media to the collections area.
2.Then drag them down to the storyboard.
3.If it’s a video then drag it to the time line.
4.For time line there will be some icons in the storyboard section. There open timeline.
5.After that is it’s some audio track you want to put… then drag it to the Audio/Music Section in the Timeline area.
6.If you want to add extra ‘features’ to your project, then click "Video Effects" and "Video Transitions" in the edit movie section.
7.You can add Video Effects for your media by dragging the effect from the collection area to the storyboard and place it over the star icon in the thumbnail.
8.For Video Transitions, Drag what type of video transition you want and place it in between two picture thumbnails. (You’ll find a rectangular box for that.)
9.Then you adjust the duration too, in the timeline area and clicking on the pic and moving the cursor around. Then an arrow shaped icon will appear and you can adjust the duration of the video/image.
10.Then save the project by pressing "Ctrl + S". YOUR PROJECT WLL ONLY BE SAVED IN THE FORM OF *. MSWMM (Windows Movie Maker Projects). If you want it saved in the format through which you can view it in any media program like VLC Player/ Windows Media Player, then click "Save to my computer" in the finish movie section.
Y’know what I’ll tell you a easier way through which you can get more about making an AMV… just go and open Windows Movie Maker and in the Menu Bar click HELP… then you’ll get to know even more than this!
Anyway I hope you’d have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writhing it…!Catch ya later in my next blog…!

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